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December 7, 1997
If ever we needed unity (Itai-Doshin) it is NOW!!! With the world on the brink of a war that will definitely kill many innocent people all over the world, including people in the United States, it is imperative that Nichiren followers unite for Kosen-Rufu. This is not the time for petty differences.

Nichiren Said it, "All in all, the disciples and believers of Nichiren should chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo (Daimoku) in perfect unity (Itai Doshin) transcending all differences among themselves to become indivisible as fish and water in which they swim. This spiritual bond is the basis for the universal transmission of the ultimate law of life and death. Herein lies the true goal of Nichiren's propagation. When you are so united, even the greatest hope for Kosen Rufu (World Peace) can be fulfilled without fail. If any of Nichiren's disciples disrupt the unity of Itai Doshin, he will destroy his own castle from within."  Part of Nichiren Daishonin's reply to Sarienbo, February 11, 1272, The Lifeblood of True Buddhism - Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life
Followers of Nichiren

         The war I spoke of above is here, now.  I wrote the above paragraph about 1996 or 97. It was then predicted that if George Bush became President, our country would go to war.  That's why I wrote it as I did. Not many people had heard of him then, so I didn't mention his name.
         I found an old copy of one of President Daisaku Ikeda's books titled Buddhism in Action, volume I. It is a compilation of his speeches from 1980 to 1982. I glanced through it and came upon the section printed below:

The Fundamental Ideas of the Soka Gakkai International


At the SCI representatives' conference held at the World
Culture Center, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.,

October 16, 1980.

What humanity desires most is peace. There should be no war and no violence; we condemn war and violence most vehemently. Mankind's greatest problem, therefore, is how to stop war and violence and realize eternal peace. It is a grave mistake to think of peace as an interval between wars.

Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism can serve as the spiritual basis for eternal peace. That is why we have been endeavoring in our propagation activities. Buddhism advocates absolute peace and not relative peace, based on the mere absence of War. Shakyamuni's Buddhism three thousand years ago taught the principles for achieving peace, and seven hundred years ago Nichiren Daishonin also advocated absolute peace based upon true Buddhism. For this reason, we believe in and practice this Buddhism.

When we embrace the Gohonzon and chant Nammyoho-renge-kyo, we can individually manifest a state of life equal to the enlightened life of the Buddha. To respect life-which inherently has in it the supreme condition of Buddhahood-is the starting point of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. The Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai has been striving to promote peace, culture and education on the basis of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. I am pleased to be able to report that 'as a result of your great efforts, people have embraced the Gohonzon in more than ninety countries.

These Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai members around the world are working for the welfare of their fellow citizens and their nations. They respect the culture, customs and laws of their respective countries and have become good citizens, thus showing in society the validity of faith in the Gohonzon. We will hold to this same principle for the propagation of true Buddhism in the future. It is natural that each country carry out kosen-rufu activities in its own way. Yet, we all share the common ground that world peace and the enlightenment of all human beings are possible through the practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. We are all disciples of Nichiren Daishonin, following the way of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, and in this we form the greatest motivating force for peace, transcending racial and national boundaries. We are now establishing mutual' friendship and advancing arm in arm; this is a manifestation of our earnest desire for world peace.

Bearing this in mind, we are resolved to form a truly harmonious organization which can promote kosen-rufu by creating peace and developing culture in the real world. This is the purpose of the Soka Gakkai International. When we unite for and are convinced of the righteousness of the cause of kosen-rufu, we manifest what is called in Buddhism itai doshin (many in body, one in mind). I am presently leading this organization of itai doshin, namely the Soka Gakkai International. I hope all of you will maintain your faith and develop yourselves in cheerful and harmonious unity for many, many years into the future.

President Ikeda said it. So, why, why are we not in Itai-Doshin?
Why are we in Dotai-Ishin?

This was the interior of the Shondo
The site of the Dia Gohonzon
before the priest tore it down.

Chant together for unity (Itai Doshin) of all followers and for Kosen Rufu (world peace)
Stop donations to organizations that encourage separation (Dotai Ishin). 
These pages are provided as a convenience and means of communication for all who believe that the Dai-Gohonzon is the embodiment of Nichiren Daishonin and who pray for enlightenment and Kosen Rufu (World Peace).

Believers of Nichiren must unite - Don't let the temple issue separate the Believers. NSA and SGI unite - we must not destroy our castle because of reasons from priests or lay officials. We all chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and study the goshos. We are one.

"When we embrace the Gohonzon and chant Daimoku, we plant the seed of enlightenment within our lives and nurture it." Nichiren - (Sokushin jobutsu) Attaining Buddha hood in One's Present Form

I believe, if the priests and the officials had their finances cut off from the lay people, they would soon re-unite. It's a sad state we are in. Look at the realities of this issue. Power and money.

"When we embrace the Gohonzon and chant Daimoku to it, we plant the seed of enlightenment within our lives and nurture it." Nichiren - (Sokushin jobutsu) Attaining Buddha hood in One's Present Form

A Buddhist Tale

Shariputra(Sharihatsu) and several other disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha went to visit a lay believer named Vimalakirti, who had been ill. Toward the end of their visit, a goddess suddenly appears and scatters flowers on everyone. Shariputra, known as "foremost in wisdom," is alarmed to see that the flowers are sticking to him. He tries to pull them off.

The goddess laughs, "Why do you try to pull the flowers off?"

"Because such flowers are not appropriate on the person of a monk!" he says.

The goddess points out that the flowers have no preconceived ideas about what is appropriate or not. The flowers, she says, are sticking to him because he still has preconceptions and remnants of discriminatory thinking, which are based on delusion. Further, she implies that Shariputra still fears the eternal cycle of death and re-birth. And because of this fear, his senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are sources of delusion.

She's right, of course, which irritates Shariputra. So he taunts her, "Goddess, why don't you change out of your female form?" (In that era, his was a society in which women were considered impure. In his mind, no one would ever choose to be a woman.)

Without skipping a beat, the goddess takes Shariputra's form and turns him into a woman.

Shariputra is horrified.

The goddess then quotes Shakyamuni: "In the equality of all beings, there is neither man nor woman."

In relation to the Mystic Law, everyone is equal. Buddhism teaches that we can free ourselves from the type of thinking that puts people into hard and fast categories such as male/female, black/white or gay/straight. These categories are fluid and transient - they may last for a lifetime but are not eternal. In the Buddhist view, one form or category is neither better nor worse than any other.

Free Our Selves

We, who practice Buddhism, are ordinary people who have freely chosen to embrace our mission as world citizens in all our varied shapes and forms. With all our diverse backgrounds, educations, power and influence, we are simultaneously of one body and one mind. "Those who are capable of embracing the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law relinquish their claim to the pure land, and out of pity for living beings, are born here. Know that persons such as these freely choose where they will be born, and choose to be born in this evil world so that they may broadly expound the unsurpassed Law" (The Lotus Sutra).

Almost 2,000 years later, Nichiren Daishonin echoes this statement: "Two thousand years of propagating Buddhism during the Former and Middle Days of Law are inferior to an hour of propagation in this, the Latter Day of the Law. This is in no way because of Nichiren's wisdom, but simply because the time makes it so" (The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin).

Nichiren Daishonin's state of mind defines absolute freedom and provides us with irrefutable proof that our freedom does not depend on circumstances outside ourselves. As we pursue our practice, deepen our faith and unfetter our minds and hearts from our doubts, fears and delusions, we stand to inherit this same state of mind. In "The Opening of the Eyes," Nichiren concludes: "For what I have done, I have been condemned to exile, but it is a small suffering to undergo in the present life and not worth lamenting. In future lives I will enjoy immense happiness, a thought that gives me great joy" (Learning From the Gosho).

Our freedom is not defined by our race, sexual orientation, income, education, or any other measure we have devised as a society to imprison ourselves. Nor is it defined by the rights bestowed on us by others. Our freedom remains in our own hands, resides in our own hearts, can be reached in an instant, attained in a moment - the moment that we choose to free ourselves. Conceiving of the idea to free ourselves is frightening, it carries all the trepidation of a dark cellar or a sudden fall. The word free may indeed set our hearts pounding - in fear, not exhilaration.

Our practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism does not egotistically aspire to a world where everyone is free to "do as they please," but instead, strives to create an authentic experience of personal freedom that offers the key to freedom for all. In terms of cause and effect, setting ourselves free becomes the most courageous act of compassion we can undertake. "We hold these truths to be self-evident," and if we translate "self-evident" to mean "existing within ourselves," then it is clear that we must be the ones to set ourselves free.

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Believers of Nichiren must unite - Don't let the temple issue separate the Believers. NSA and SGI unite - we must not destroy our castle because of reasons from priests or lay officials. We all chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and study the goshos. We are one. Nichiren said that the way to kosen rufu (world peace) was through iti doshin (unity). So unite!!
Chant together for unity (Itai Doshin) of all followers and for Kosen Rufu (world peace).
Stop donations to organizations that encourage separation (Dotai Ishin). Chant together for unity (Itai Doshin) of all followers and for Kosen Rufu (world peace).
Stop donations to organizations that encourage separation (Dotai Ishin). 

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