Artist, writer and innovator

If you have been on my Celebrity pages, you know I have met many talented and wonderful people. They have impressed and inspired me, I respected their talent and artistry.

Recently, September 2013, I meet a modest man in Ashland, Oregon. It turns out that this modest man is one of the most talented, creative, and ingenious humans I have ever met. He has written and illustrated many books about his travels and adventures. I had the good fortune to view and read two of his books.

His artwork is unique, as are his stories, of his adventures growing up in Northern California, along with his many travels to foreign countries - to numerous to list. His books are put together through his own inventiveness, as are his drawings. He wrote the stories for his family, and he drew the pictures because he loved to draw, and wanted to record what he saw. He does not try to impress anyone with stylish art or writing. If I were a publisher, I would not change a single item that he has put down; for It truly depicts his true character. I never felt as humble as I have while viewing his work, and talking to him.

He is allowing me to post some of his drawings. On the next page you will see what I am talking about. I wish I could post or publish his books.