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    Thursday, January 22, 2015 - I woke  up this AM with this story on my mind:
    Children who were growing up in Pittsburgh, PA  in the early thirties were living in a melting pot of races and nationalities. In most classrooms the children all became friends. They were of all races: Irish American, English American, Italian American, African American, Jewish American, Chinese American, Japanese American and all of the other "Nationality Americans." They all played together and became friends. They hadn’t been told that they were different, and therefore, didn't realize that some people thought they were better than others. Not all people thought like that, but enough to cause hate and dissenton.

    They did notice that there were different skin colors, but everything else was pretty much the same. They had a special teacher that they all liked. One day, one of the students of this racial/nationality blend asked the question that they all wondered about. “Why do we have different skin colors? We know if we are born in different countries, we will have different cultures and language, but why are we of different colors.”

    The teacher smiled, and said, “Let me think about that a minute, before I give you my answer.” The students were all quiet, and the teacher sat in front of the students, thinking about that question. Then, the teacher stood up and said, “I don’t know all of the answers, but this is how I look at it. We all have souls. Our souls do not have form, nor color. I believe our souls are eternal, and that we have many past lives in different bodies, both male and female. When we leave our bodies, our souls return to the universe (Some say as spirits) with the knowledge we gained in its present life. Where the soul goes, if it becomes a spirit, or when, if ever, it returns to earth, no one really knows the answer. Some claim to know, some have had experiences that make them believe that there are spirits. Until that happens to us, we should not close our minds to that possibility.”

    “It is said that the soul selects the body it will enter at its birth. If that is true, then you chose the color of your skin. Why you chose those parents and choose a particular color is a mystery to all. If, as I believe, we are all created equal, then the color should be of no importance. Maybe we chose that body because of something you have to learn. No one knows the answer. The sad thing is that some humans have decided that their race and color are above all, That is a terrible mistake. We all breath the air, we all need food and water, we all bleed red blood, and we all were born from the womb.”

    “Last, I want you to make up your own minds about everything I have said to you. I am no authority on Life and its ways. People claim to be, but they are no different than you or me. If we all believed that we are all one big happy family, there would be no reason to have wars or boundaries between countries. We would live knowing, and caring for each other.”

    The students gathered in the schoolyard to discuss the teachers comments. The next day, one of the students stood up and said, “I was asked to speak for all of us. We had a meeting about what you told us. We agree with your thoughts, and want to all remain friends for the rest of our lives. Thank you from all of us.”


    Wednesday, January 21, 2015:

    I have decided to remove myself from Facebook, except for an occasional glance at some of the positive items and videos!

    You may ask, "Why?" I have many reasons, but mainly because of my time and my life. I like to read good books, and I like to take walks. These are two of the many things I like to do, that are diminished by facebook. Do you have a website that gets very few hits? Everybody is on Facebook. I will post my comments on my website for my friends and anyone interested. If you send me an email through the form on this site, I will post it, if it isn't too negative, or too large.

    1. Facebook has big plans for the world. It includes you, because you are the marketplace buyers. Do you notice the ads alongside of the posts? Did you ever wonder how an ad for something similar to something you had just purchased online appears on your timeline page?

    You can continue to be one of the sheep, or you might reflect that you don't really want to be part of this heavily-funded scam to create an arid global virtual republic, where your own self, and your relationships with your friends, are converted into products, on sale to giant global brands.

    You may decide that you don't want to be part of this takeover bid for the world. In my own opinion, the best choice is to retreat from the whole thing, remaining as unplugged as possible, and spend the time you save; doing something useful, such as reading books. Why would you want to waste your time on facebook when you still have many Edgar Cayce books to read, and when there are seeds to be sown in your own back yard? Do you want to retreat from nature? I don’t! I want to reconnect with it.

    As for air-conditioning, who really needs it? Yes, it is comforting for obesity, but the outdoors, away from leaf blowers, is free, healthy air. And if you want to connect with the people around you, revert to an old piece of technology. It's free, it's easy and it delivers a uniquely individual experience in sharing information: it's called talking. “Hello!”

    LABELS AND HATE - I wrote this in 2004, and nothing has changed. Labels and hate go together. Labels divide us.
    Leaf Blowers/dust blowers cause more health problems than cigarettes. Most of us are not aware of this fact. Read Dr. Weil’s article about them.
    I wrote this around 2006. - MARIA CORELLI From Wikipedia: “She began her career as a musician, adopting the name Marie Corelli for her billing. Eventually she turned to writing and published her first novel, A Romance of Two Worlds, in 1886." "A recurring theme in Corelli's books is her attempt to reconcile Christianity with reincarnation, astral projection, and other mystical ideas. Her books were a part of the foundation of today's New Age religion. Her portrait was painted by Helen Donald-Smith.  In her time, she was the most widely read author of fiction. Her works were collected by Winston Churchill, Randolph Churchill, and members of the British Royal Family, among others.” "Corelli famously had little time for the press. In 1902 she wrote to the editor of The Gentlewoman to complain that her name had been left out of a list of the guests in the Royal Enclosure at the Braemar Highland Gatherin, saying she suspected this had been done intentionally. The editor replied that her name had indeed been left out intentionally, because of her own stated contempt for the press and for the snobbery of those wishing to appear in "news puffs" of society events. Both letters were published in full in the next issue."

  • Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self (1925)

  • Barabbas: A Dream of the World’s Tragedy (1907)

  • Boy: A Sketch (1900)

  • Cameos (1896)

  • Christmas Greeting (1902)

  • Devil’s Motor

  • Free Opinions Freely Expressed on Certain Phases of Modern Social Life & Conduct (1905)

  • God’s Good Man

  • Holy Orders: The Tragedy of a Quiet Life (1908)

  • Jane: A Social Incident

  • Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance (1911)

  • Love,—and the Philosopher

  • Master Christian (1900)

  • Mighty Atom (1906)

  • Murder of Delicia (1896)

  • Open Confession to a Man from a Woman (1925)

  • Romance of Two Worlds - This was her first novel, written in 1886

  • Secret Power (1921)

  • Silence of the Maharajah

  • Song of Miriam & Other Stories

  • Sorrows of Satan (1896)

  • Soul of Lilith

  • Strange Visitation

  • Temporal Power: A Study in Supremacy (1902)

  • The Treasure of Heaven - A Romance of Riches (1906)

  • Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten (1869)

  • Wormwood (1890)Young Diana:

  • An Experiment of the Future (1918)

  • Ziska (1897)

  • An interesting link to more Maria Corelli information


Tuesday, January 20, 2015:
I just sent the following comment to the people who are asking you if you want to impeach Our President Obama:
How ccan anyone ask a question like that, when the Bush family did so much damage to this country, including the equally good examples of financial misconduct in the Savings and Loan scandal.

See what is found in the activities of the Bush family. In some cases Bush family members helped skim Savings and Loan funds which were delivered to outsiders as a part of deals involving lucrative payoffs to bank directors. In other cases, members of the Bush family intervened to influence decisions involving highly speculative and unsound investments involving loans that would not be repaid if the venture was not profitable.

And finally, the bush family’s political connection served to protect those guilty of misconduct in the Savings and Loan scandal. Plus all of the young people they killed, in order to protect their oil interests. Also the elder member of the bush family, who helped Hitler. And don't forget the false information about 9/11 that caused hundreds of deaths and injuries. How can you mention our president Obama, and then, ignore these more evil, flagrant criminals? The bush family!

January 19, 2015:
A reminder: Leaf Blowers/dust blowers cause more health problems than cigarettes. Most of us are not aware of this fact. Dr. Weil’s article about them.
I wrote this around 2006. -


I wrote this in 2004, and nothing has changed. Labels and hate go together. Labels divide us.

Saturday, December 27, 2014:
On this first Saturday, after Christmas, I was taking a very welcome hot bath at my friend, Russell’s home in Glendale, CA. I only have a shower in my apartment in Ashland Oregon. It felt wonderful! I was doing some meditation, and enjoying the hot water, when, all of a sudden, a sound reached my ears, that told me someone was using a leaf blower. One of the many reasons I was happy to leave this area was the constant use of leaf blowers. See my site at to see the many reason to ban leaf blowers from the planet.

I asked my self, “What kind of person uses, or allows the use of, leaf blowers?” These are some of my answers to myself. First, to let you know; I am aware of the many reasons people use them, and I know this does not apply to all leaf blower users, and all of the other interruptions that people use to engage in a controversy.

I would like to believe that most people are unaware of the damage caused to our lungs and health by leafblowers. Cigarettes are now known to cause lung cancer, as well as other issues. Leaf blowers are far more dangerous. (See my site.)

People still smoke, but in this day and age it is hard to believe that those smokers are not aware. When I see them light up around other people, and flick the butts to the ground; I see them as, being unaware. They are unaware of other people, and the harm they are causing. OR, they are aware, but are to self-centered to care about anyone but themselves. They are inconsiderate, selfish, and stupid.

Many people say that being unaware is not an excuse, but, for the sake of controversy, let’s excuse them till they become aware. There is much more information about the ill effects of leaf blowers online. If you search “leafblowers” you will get good information from the manufacturers. If you search “ban leaf blowers” you will get the truth about them.