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She lived in New Kensington around Third Avenue and 7th or 8th Street.
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  1. Wyant, Dick and Sue  -   Lower Burrell, PA 
  2. Thompson, Sue A.  - Error: email returned; not a valid address.  Sarver, PA
  3. Justham, Thomas A.  -   Apollo, PA 
  4. Anderson, Dell  -   -  FL 
    Dell Anderson, Zephyrhills FL USA, 1964, 4,  First post: Think this site is just great. I graduated from Ken High in '64. I am hoping to make it to the reunion; but don't know at this time, my husband has alz. and I am caring for him in our home. Visit my site:  CLICK HERE! - SECOND POST 04/17/2010 - Cannot believe that it has been almost 10 years since I last e-mailed you! Of all things, I just checked out your site today and discovered my posting is still there. Website for me in that posting is obsolete and you may change it to the one listed here. I was able to go to the reunion in 2000. Really enjoyed it even though my husband had passed away a few weeks prior thereto. Keep up the good work on this site. Glad I discovered it again after all this time.
  5. Torkeo, John  -   -  lower burrell, pa 
    Ken Hi class of 49 - looking forward to reunion did not receive information re dinner.
  6. Pugliese, Fran  -  - Leechburg, Pa 
    Please let me know where to email pictures and information. I am from the Ken Hi Class of 66 reunion committee.
  7. Moore, Bill  -   -  Apollo, PA
    See you there
  8. Herps, Sandy (Wright)  -   - Lower Burrell, PA 
    Class of '75
  9. Pallone, Gary - New Kensington, PA 
  10. Justham, Mary Ann (Gensamer)  -   - New Kensington, PA 
  11. Johnson, Floyd N. - Apollo, Pa. 
    Class of 1953. I was married to Ruth B Armitage, KEN HI Class of 1955 for forty-two years. Ruth Passed away on Sep. 28 th. 1998. I will attend all the reunion functions.
  12. Simon, Leon Ronald  (Fuzzy)  - Charlotte, NC 
    Class of 47. I plan to attend. Great job doing this.
  13. Pelino, Yvonne  -   -  Pittsburgh, PA 15205
    I'm from the New-Kensington class of '63 and on the reunion committee. Hope many of our classmembers respond. See you there. Thanks for your efforts.  I will be sending you a group picture of our last class reunion (2 yrs. ago).  We had it on the Gateway Clipper.
  14. Herrington(Cathers), Patricia  -  - Donora, Pa. 15033-1941
    I graduated from Valley High School-1973
  15. Williams, Sandra J.  -   - New Kensington, PA 15068
    Could you please email me information on the upcoming reunion? When, where, time. I'm a Ken Hi
    grad of 1964.
  16. Reeger, Thomas L.    - Apollo, PA 15613
  17. Justham, Thomas A.  - -  Apollo, PA 15613
    Please add class of 54. Married Betty Jane Tasick
    Class of 53.
  18. Fricion, Dave i - - Little Rock, Ar 72212 -
    Class of 68.
  19. Goodson, Marilyn Massimino - Grand Rapids, MI 49506
    Class 1971  Nicely done!  I'm getting pretty nostalgic in my old age!
  20. Croce (Pronesti), Janet   Kingston, Ma 02364
     Great web site. I will be at the reunion. Can't wait.
  21. Keitzer (Rodriguez), Patricia j.   Lower Burrell, Pa 15068
  22. Robert L. Kiser   Allison Park, PA 15101
      Retired and HAPPY - Fish, then fish and if there's any time left--Fish, Hunt and play with trains. Coached daughters basketball team to 2nd place title.Most fun of all.
  23. Heavner, Harold Tink   New Kensington, Pa. 15068
  24. Reed, duane   Jacksonville, Florida 32217
  25. Held, Bill & Betty    Fishing is great here I go 3 or 4 times a week. My wife is a New Kensington grad class of 55 also so we're going to her reunion in Aug. I don,t know if we'll get up in July' but you never know thanks for writing, talk to you later.
  26. Keller, Craig A. Alexandria, VA 22302-1617
  27. Patla, Janice Akins  (Class of '65)   Fayetteville, PA 17222 
     Hi!   Haven't been in touch with any school friends for a number of years other than Phyllis Dorn Patz.  Looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing!
  28. Mangione, Lou   New Kensington, PA 15068
  29. Page, Linda
    Hi Uncle Ken, Great web sit you have here.  The reunion sounds real intersting.  Hope everything goes as planned.  Just out of curiosity, I'll be checking this out from time to time. Your neice, Linda
  30. Jones, Jim    New Kensington, PA 15068
    Sam,  I am the tech coord for Valley/NKASD and take care of some of the web stuff.   I am helping with the Reunion page that resides on our server.  Finally got your site address from Dana last night and linked to your site
  31. WILCZEK, THOMAS  new kensington, pa 15068
    Class of 1961
  32. Borland, Bob    Lafayette, La. 70507
    Class of 1961
  33. Bogany, (Shiarella), Dana   New Kensington, PA 
    Class of 1962  - I am the class representative for 1962. Jimmy Jones, (also 1962) and I are now monitoring the New Kensington website for anyone who has a question. The KenHi2000 reunion is going to be great!
    Don't miss it! It is a 'once in a lifetime' memory.
  34. widmer, eileen   sturgeon, pa 15082
    Class of 60
  35. Sweetland (Herford), Adella
    Class of 1934
  36. Coy, Martin
       Frederick, MD 
    Class of 1961
  37. Johnson, Floyd - 724-339-9011 305 Peconi Dr. Apollo, Pa 15613-7601
    Class of 1953
  38. Benson, Lydia lydianebre@spam,com Tucson, AZ 85719
    Class of 1940 -
  39. O'Shanick-Sylier, Lana -  Solomons, MD
    Class of 1966  -   This is a really great site. Married Jimmy Sylier.   Would really love to attend August festivities but Jim has Huntington's Disease and I take care of him all the time. Would love to know where I can find Arlene Hanlon Rakoczy, Andrea Abraham Baldwin, Kathy Burke Yates and Tommy Rushnok
  40. Choltco-Kowalik, Jacqueline   Lower Burrell, PA
    Class of 1953
  41. Ludwiczak (Gavolas), Kathy   Madison, WI
    Class of 1965 - Looking for anyone from 1965.  I left New Ken in 1966 right after I got married.  Now living in Madison, WI.  3 Grandchildren!!! 
  42. Greiner (Betzold), Gail Rebecca (Becky) Address updated.  Arnold, Pa. 15068 - Know a few names, now if I'm able to place the faces. Looking forward to reunion!
    Class of 1961 - Guest Book #42
  43. Arnold (Scott), Beverly   Pulaski, NY 13142
    Class of 59
  44. (Fletcher) Reed, Kathy 858/273-4046 5056 Constitution Rd San Diego, Ca 92117
    Class of 1960 -  I will be attending the 2000 reunion and hope to see lots of friends from the past.   Many thanks to all who have worked on the reunion activities!
  45. Fuller, Alice
    Class of 1962
  46. conwell, dennis arnold, pa 15068
    Class of 1960
  47. , Katherine (Patterson)    
    Class of 1956
  48. Canning, Robert(Woo Woo) No email address - (517)688-4076 - 11136 Oakwood Drive - Jerome, MI 
    Class of 1964
  49. Branch, Thomas(Twig)  No Email Address -   
    Class of 1962
  50. Carrop, Ralph Va. Beach, Va. 
    Class of 1952
  51. Carabin Tritschler, Betty A.   San Marcos, Ca. 92069
    Class of 1953 -  Hi, I will be arriving on Thursday andwill help where neded. Betty
  52. Kuzmick Beeler, Angie    Knoxville, Tn 37922
    Class of 65 -   Haven't seen anyone in 10 years.  Looking forward to this great reunion.  My whole family will be there...Class of 29/39/59 and 65...of course my brother graduated in 71' but that doesn't count.....ha
  53. Swager, Allan  Butler, Pa 16002
    Class of 59/60
  54.  Akins, Morton   Bloomington, IN 47403-1757
    Class of 1952
  55. Shultz Bower, Priscilla -Freeport, Pa 16229
    Class of 1965 -  I'm searching for a long lost friend, Sandra Neuman, class of 65?? Hope to see you at the reunion! 
  56. guerrini, frank  lower burrell, PA 15068-3039
  57. Salter (Mazur), Julia   Manning, , SC 29102
    Class of 1957 -  My husband and I are excited about coming and seeing old friends. We have never attended a reunion and looking forward to renewing acquantances. God bless you.Please let me know where the Clarion Inn is located and what choir members are to do. We are not sure that we will get there eary on Friday to go to the Clarion Inn. Thank you
  58. HOWARD  (CAMERON Maiden Name), Bobbie  Parkersburg, NO EMAIL WV 26101
    Class of 1967
  59. Coleman (Harris), Yolanda Washington, DC 20019
    Class of 1960  -     I have retired - scuba dive and fish.
  60. WILLARD, JACK Gibsonia, PA 15044-9797
    Class of 1952 - I remember a "Sammy Younghans" who lived on our street.  He was one of the "kids in the neighborhood"; but he moved away, probably when I was still at Third Ward.
  61. Sweetland, Arthur  New Kensington (Upper Burrell Twp), PA
    Class of 1962  - What web-site has a photo of the red wolf?
  62. Bell, Nancy   New Kensington, PA 15068
    Class of 1956
  64. Sweetland, Arthur New Kensington (Upper Burrell Twp), PA
    Class of 1962  - What web-site has a photo of the red wolf?
  65. Smithson (plunkett), Sue -  VT 
    Class of 71
  66. Choltco, william ( Bill ) Toms River, NJ 
    Class of 1941
  67. Benson, James Tucson, AZ 
    Class of 1938 -   Jim Benson graduated from Ken High in 1938 (maybe 1937). Anybody else out there from the early years? Thanks.
  68. Bell Sweetland, Nancy New Kensington, PA 
    Class of 1956
  69. McCombs, Allen Averill Park, NY 
    Class of 1966
  70. presken, edward -
    Class of 1963
  71. hestwood, tom -
    Class of 1959
     I've been working on a family history and discovered this site though google. I lived in New Ken from 1940 until going to college in 1959. Now living in Marana, AZ near Tucson. I appreciate the work done on this site
  72. Milz, Paul -
    Class of 1966
  73. Townsend, Carol -
    Class of 1976
    Moved right after graduating.anyone from the class of 76 please e-mail me. I miss new Ken very much. Bye and Thanks
  74. Schafer, Robert -
    Class of 1976
  75. NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!  Marunich, Patty -
    Class of 74
     I am looking for anyone with news about our 30 yr reunion. Please e-mail me if you have any information.  thanks
  76. snoznik, gene -
    Class of 1962
  77. ????? Class of 1968
  78. Hart, Jeff -
    Class of 1965
  79. rosner (widmer), janet - NOTICE! Your email reply was returned.
    Class of 1961
     I would like information on upcoming class reunions.
  80. Galzerano, Fred C. -
    Class of 1950
    Would like to hear from any classmates. Also are there any who live in the northern Va. area. My mailing address is as follows:
             Fred C. Galzerano
             7405 Convair DR.
             Alexandria, Va. 22306
  81. Fergressi, Eugene -
    Class of 1955
           Ummmmmmm I sold cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahaha
  82. Mangione, Lou -
    Class of 1966
  83. Retzer, Aaron -
    Class of 68
  84. Burlbaugh, Lester (George) -
    Class of 1949
     Retired from NBC News after 25 years.  Was News Director at Pittsburh's Channel 11 1965-66. Pitt graduate '59.  Still love Ken-Hi.
  85. Mark W Cappone Jr, 6607 Epson Dr - San Antonio, TX 78239
    Class of 1958
  86. presken, edward -
    Class of 1963
  87. Chini, Michelle -
    Class of 1987-ohio
    Hello ... I am trying to find some information about the Ninth St. Dairy that used to be in New Kensington. Any information will be greatly appreciated.Thanks so much ... an Ohio transplan.
  88. McKeever, Paul -
    Class of 1962
      What a great site. Good to hear so many familiar names and places. Have lived in South Carolina since 1964, but visit "home" every now and then.
  89. VanTine/West, Judith -
    Class of 1963
     I was so sad to see that there was another reunion that I missed. I have submitted my name,address and email address several times. I hope I can finally be taken off the list of people that the class of 1963 can not locate. 
  90. Bennis, Leonard -
    Class of 1961
  91. Kobelenske, Patrick - pkobel1057@spam.Com
    Class of 1968
    Class of 1973 - Guest Book # 92
  93. Brooks, Squire/JIM -
    Class of 1957 - Guest Book # 93
  94. Kifer Palmer, Ruth -
    Class of 1939 - Guest Book # 94
  95. palmer, ruth -
    Class of 1939 - Guest Book # 95
    curious about classmates
  96. neerenberg, alan -
    Class of 1925? - Guest Book # 96
       My mother, margaret knowles attended Kensington in the 20's, is there any way to get records of this?
  97. Colin, Dave - Thousand Oaks, Ca
    Class of 70 - Guest Book # 97
  98. Terlinski, Kimberly - Highland, CA
    Class of 79 - Guest Book # 98
        Hello to all former Valley High class mates, some before my birth, however warm greetings just the same.
  99. Adams, John Mike - Spring Creek, NV
    Class of 1979 - Guest Book # 99
       What's up New Ken. Are we having fun being after Valley High. E-mail me. see ya
  100. Snyder, Joanne - Tampa, FL
    Class of '54 - Guest Book # 100
    I left a message on the reunion list. My family left New Ken in 1955, ending up in Tampa in 1957. Even so, I graduated from Westminster College in 1958.  Is the class of 54 going to have a reunion?
  101. Liberati, Paul - Gibsonia, Pa
    Class of 1959 - Guest Book # 101
  102. Cutrara, Mark and Diane - , 
    Class of 1977 - Guest Book # 102
  103. Adams, John Mike - Spring Creek, NV
    Class of 1979 - Guest Book # 103
       What's up New Ken. Are we having fun being after Vally High. E-mail me. see ya.
  104. Smouse-Long, Martha Jane - Batesville, Ar
    Class of 1955 - Guest Book #104
  105. TURK, THOMAS - Valley Center , Ca
    Class of 1956 - Guest Book # 105
  106. Rowe, James - New Kensington, Pa
    Class of 61 - Guest Book # 106
  107. sylier, lana - solomons, md
    Class of 1966 - Guest Book #107
    Class of 1943 - Guest Book #108
  109. Malone, Russ - , 
    Class of '47 - Guest Book # 109
     Trying to recall names of 5 movie theaters in New Kensington during the '40s--think there was a Detroit and a Circle.  I am '47 Springdale grad.  Thanks for reminding me of name of "Savor's" on Springdale site. 
    Webmaster Answer:The Liberty, the Ritz, the Dattola had another name, it might have been the Detroit and next to it was the Boom Boom, where for a nickel you could see two or three old westerns. Across the street was another theatre, where I saw Bud Abbot and Lou Costello in "Buck Privates"  My Dad picked us up and drove us home. On the way he told us about Pearl Harbor. I will never forget that day, although I did forget the name of the theatre.
  110. Cymbol, Nick, Port Charlotte, Fl 33952
    Class of 1964 - Guest book # 110
    After high school and Viet Nam, my address changed and I've never had any contact with anyone from New Ken. I guess nostalgia has set in and I wanted to see where everyone is.I am now retired in Florida next to the beach.
  111. Dronsfield, Paul - Hershey, PA
    Class of 1960 - Guest Book # 111
     I married my high school sweetheart Rosalyn Timblin '60...I attended Martin School and Parnassus Jr Hi...graduated from Greensburg high...but would like to hear from New Ken contemporaries.
  112. Thompson, John (Jack) - Carrollton, Texas
    Class of 1948 - Guest Book # 112
  113. Ferma, Anthony  C . - Arnold, Pa
    Class of 1989 - Guest Book # 113
  114. Hall, Robert & June (Randolph) - New Kensington, CT
    Class of 1950 - Guest Book # 114
  115. Robert Kamenski - -  Ford City; Pa.
    Class of 1956 - Guest Book # 115
    Growing up in New Kensington in the 50's. had to be the best time and place for a kid to grow up.   Thanks for the web site. I really enjoy it Sam.
    Ya gotta love Sam for this great site.
  116. Frank L. Paletta MD - - St. Louis, MO
    Didn't recognize any one from my class from the listed names.
    Class of 1959 - Guest Book # 116
  117. Tony Farina - Class of 1959 - Guest Book # 117 - 232 Morgan Street, Lower Burrell, PA 15068
  118. Kenny Russell - Class of 1959 - Guest Book # 118 - 567 Dugan Way, New Kensington, PA 15068
  119. Tom Russell - - Akron, Ohio
    Class of 1967 - Guest Book # 119
  120. Ralph L. Schmitt - RLSCHMITT@kenhi.COM  - Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Class of 1965 - Guest Book # 120
    To me, being born and raised in New Kensington was like growing up in "Pleasantville." My 1965 graduating class is planning a 45 year reunion in 2010. I am very interested in seeing my "old" classmates again.
  121. Sandy Battaglia, New Kensington, PA,
    Guest Book # 121
  122. Bob Valasek, Pittsburgh, PA,
    Class of 1965 - Guest Book # 122
  123.  David Pearlman, Altoona, PA,
    Class of 1976 - Guest Book # 123
  124. Richard  G  Sini, Kuna, Idaho,
    Class of 1961  - Guest Book #124 
    Well, well, reading your site has made me feel young again. Born and raised in new ken, reading all the stories beings a tear to eyes. They are all true. Thank you. Second post: Hello Sam,i'm glad to see you started a new site,lets hope this one goes well.Oh were you able to post the all open grad class reunion for 2011 around june,you will come right.?
  125. Guy F. Salvatore, Natrona Heights, PA  
    Class of1968 - Guest Book #125
    On 5th Avenue, I remember the Rustic...killer breakfasts...(after late nights..ha)..I also fondly remember the Grande Lounge, with WYDD right across the street...Ron Chavis and all...
  126. Carol (Giordano) McGregor, Leesburg, Fl. 34788,
    Class of 1957  - Guest Book #126
  127. Tom Kreitzer - - Tecumseh, Michigan
    Guest Book #127
      I am the son of Tom Kreitzer, Sr. and came along this site. If Anyone knew my father it would nice to her. He attented Ken-High in the 60's and was quite good @ basketball. My grand parents lived on Fifth avenue.  Go Steelers !!!!!!!
  128. Thomas J Wilczek - - New Kensington, PA, 1961
    Class of 1961  - Guest Book #128
  129. David Purpura - -  Penn Run, PA
    Class of 1976  - Guest Book #129 -  Recently moved from the area
  130. Janice Akins Patla - -  Fayetteville, PA
    Class of 1965  - Guest Book #130
  131. Darla Flemm Brown - - Lower Burrell PA
    Class of 1964 - Guest Book #131 - Just found this web site and it's great, hope to find some missing people we have been looking for, for our class reunions.
  132. Richard L. Smouse, Houston, Texas -
    Class of 1960 - Guest Book #132
  133. James Cooper, New Kensington, Penna, USA - - Loved the horse 'without a saddle', commitment. Go Steelers !
    Class of 1963 - Guest Book #133
    Class of 1947 - Guest Book #134
    Please - Don't write with all capital letters!!
  135. Andrea J Abraham, Apollo, Pa. 15613 USA -
    Class of 1965- Guest Book #135
    Would like to hear from some classmates. Looking for Richard Vargo (Mouse)
  136. Dr. Thomas T. Peters - - North Plainfield, NJ
    Class of 1937 - Guest Book #136
    My dad, Richard E. Peters went to Ken High up through his Junior year. He then went to Carson Long Military Institute where he graduated in 1937. Dad died in 1982 and my mother died in 2000. I have no photos of dad or information from his teenage years. I'm looking for any information about him and pictures. I was able to see his name in the list of Parnassus Junior High Students in the 1934 Taleoken picture on this sight, but the picture is too grainy to find him. If anyone has a picure from the 1935 or 1936 Taleoken of him, and a picture and names of the band members I would appreciate it. I was shocked to learn that my dad had played in the Ken High Band when I saw his transcripts at Carson Long. Thank you for your help.
  137. Joe Lettrich, Lake Worth, FL -
    Class of 1967 - Guest Book #137
    I would like to hear from anyone that graduated from Ken Hi in the mid to late 1960's. Also anyone from Valley Heights. We were the last class to graduate from Ken Hi in 1967.
  138. Barbara George Nunn, Pantego, Texas - Click on your address to see if it is correct.
    Class of 1959 - Guest Book #138
  139. Barbara Neal (Ruskus) - - Tarentum, Pa
    Class of 1961 - Guest Book #139
  140. kathie weber-tagmyer - - new kensington PA USA, 1971
    Class of 1971 - Guest Book #140
  141. Wayne E. Schuricht - - Fort Worth, TX. 76132
    Class of 1963 - Guest Book #141
    This is a great idea adn web site. Thanks a million
  142. Jack Medley - - Lower Burrell, Pa. Lehigh Acres, Fl.
    Class of 1958 - Guest Book #142
    Born & Raised in the AK Valley, But now winter in Fl & summer back in NK. Married a girl from Har-Brac, 3 kids - 3 grandkids.
  143. Nancy Sroka (Feeney) - - Wattersonville, PA
    Class 0f 1961 - Guest Book #143
  144. Carol Lavery (LOGAN) - - Fayetteville, PA
    Class 0f 1961 - Guest Book #144
  145. Kalene C. Schall - - Pittsburgh Pa.
    Class 0f 1960 - Guest Book #145
    Ken Hi, Luv this site. What is my URL? (Your URL is your website address) Open class reunions Ken Hi
  146. Alan Steinberg - - West Orange, New Jersey
    Class of 1967 - Guest book # 146
    My grandfather, Lou Miller had a men's clothing store at 925 Fourth Avenue. Store began in the 1940s. He died in 1959. The store closed at the end of 1962.
  147. Vicky Merryman (Mitchell) - - New Kensington,Pa
    Class of 1961 - Guest book # 147
    Always love to hear from any of my friends and classmates--Lived in NK all my life--Never moved off of Ridge Ave--Wonderful Website
  148. Arlene Hanlon Rakoczy - - Gilbert, Arizona
    Class of 1966 - Guest book # 148
    I have been married to Tom Rakoczy for 42 years and we are living in sunny Arizona. We are both licensed Assemblies of God ministers and pastor Chandler First Assembly of God. I would love to find Tom Viggiano (he was in our wedding) and Barbara Ciancutti.
  149. llie Anna Krasinski Emanuel - - Blairsville, PA
    Class of 1965 - Guest book # 149
    I too went to 5th ave elementary and have fond memories.
  150. Ann (McKee) Chmiel - - Barefoot Bay, Fl
    Class of 1954 - Guest book # 150
    Woody McGregor (1957) sent me this website address. I graduated from Ken Hi in 1954 and in Sept. 2009 we held our 55th class reunion. It was well attended and we hopefully won't wait 5 more years for another reunion. At our age, we don't have time to waste. Hervey Peebles was our class president and still lives in New Kensington. Would love to hear from any former classmates.
  151.  anielle chamberlain, pittsburgh -, ,
    Class of - Guest book # 151
    I am trying to research information about my father, Daniel "Speedo" Hana. Who was "invovled" in New Ken. I understand the circumstances he was involved with and would like to know about him, if you or anyone reading this can contact me, my email is. I appreciate anything and everything i can get from this. Thank you
  152. Poppy Kathryn van Ameringen Dews, Salisbury, N.C. -,
    Class of 1962 - Guest book # 152, I left N.K. after my junior year, and graduated from Cleveland Heights H.S. But, as I left my heart in New Kensington, I still consider myself a "Ken Higher!" ;-)
  153. Bob Alessio, Stow, MA
    Class of 1962 - Guest book # 153, Thanks for hosting this site. Attended Mt.St.Peters 2 years, 3rd Ward (4-6), 4th Ave J.H.(7th grade), Ridge Ave J.H., Ken Hi Class of 1962. Great memories of fine schools, classmates, teammates, teachers, coaches (Don Fletcher, Jim Primozic, Dick Brown, Tony Kotowski), the town, the Valley, the River, ALCOA, etc. The 50's was a great time to grow up in N.K.!!
  154. sam levy, baltimore, md, none -
    Class of - Guest book # 154
    My grandparents lived on 4th ave for 30 or so years. Their name was Perr who owned Perr Brothers on 5th ave, men's clothing. Just curious if anyone remembered them, or anything specific about them.
    We also lived in New Ken for 2 years down the street from the 4th ave school, where I attended. Had Ms. Marshall for 3rd, Mrs. Zilmer for 2nd, Ms. McCain for 1st.
  155. Harvey J. Eger, Jeannette, PA 15644
    Class of 1961 - Guest book # 155
    965 Fifth Avenue - Eger Jewelers from the 30's to 1968 or so when building sold to Blosers. Starting on corner of 10th street on same side was Central Drug Store, there was also a pool hall, and a Firestone Store. In the block between 10th and 11th, on the same side of the street was Farkas Butcher Shop, and I believe Frank Condelli had a tailor shop.
  156. Janice (Akins) Patla, Fayetteville, PA -
    Class of 19?? - Guest book # 156 ,
  157. Carol Laufer, Carol Laufer -
    Class of 1915 - Guest book # 157
    My husbands grandmother was given a silver spoon from a friend. She found it in a garage sale. It was a New Kensington High School silver spoon from 1915. On the back it is engraved from "Ida to Rae". I would love to return this to the descendants of her family. Any info, please contact me. Since I enjoy family history, I hope there is someone out there this belongs to. Thank you.
  158. William Coleman - Des Moines, Iowa  -
    Class of 1944 - Guest book # 158
    I was scheduled to graduate in 1944, but my Dad, along wth many Alcoa workers, was transferred to Pottsville where a new plant was being built. Until then I went to New Kensington and Parnassus schools. I am a retired professor emeritus from the theatre arts department of Drake University and am now a working writer of plays, screenplays, and other genres. How many of us are still alive?
    Thanks for this website, Bill Coleman. William S. E. Coleman - Playwright, Screenwriter, Author, Historian -
  159. Pat Ball Morrison, La Crescent, MN -
    Class of 1962 - Guest book # 159
    Left NK in 1963 for CA; now we live in MN retired there in 2005 to hubby's home town. As my relatives have died off, I have to return to NK to settle estates. We are here again. I am always happy to see my KenHi friends who stayed. Last week we went to the People's Library book sale where I felt nostalgia for my childhood and adolencense of weekly library visits. We spent another couple hours at Kensington Court on Barnes Street where there are wonderful items. I bought a purse. Talked to the owners who are positive about their business in old downtown. Is there hope for a revival.....doubt it will ever bee the glory days of downtown though with the 3 movie theaters (4 at one time), Isaly's, White Castle, Murphy's, Sun Drug and the Kenmar Hotel!
  160. Darby Beattie - New Orleans, La. 1961 -
    Class of 1961 - Guest book # 160
    I worked in the Circle Theater when I was 16 years old, across the street was the Dattola and down the street from the Circle was Montgomery Ward, I got my first bike from there.
  161. Charles W. Sharp Jr., Anderson, South Carolina -
    Class of 1965 - Guest book # 161, The best years of my life were spent living in New Kensington and Parnassus. Still have many good friends living there and wish them all well.
    Class of 1961 - Guest book # 162
    I was in the class of 1961 and unfortunately had to miss our 50th reunion in Aug. Would have liked to see all the old friends.
  163. Tom Nagy, Sarver, PA -
    Class of 1963 - Guest book # 163
    Connor's Hobby Shop was on 10th St. between 5th and 4th across from the pool hall. There was a hot dog shop on that side of the street also. Sam Parrota's barber shop was on Constitution near the old library. There was a car dealership next door to Sam's Barber Shop.
  164. James Smith, Hopewell, VA -
    Class of 1952 - Guest book # 164
    I am from the class of 1952. I left New Ken in 1954 and joined the army.Married Doris Schreckengost in54. Spent over 23 years in the army.Retired as a SGT/MAJOR in 1977.My wife of 57 years died in 2011.Served in RVN,Etheopia,Germany.
  165. john gordon, myrtle beach sc -
    Class of 1968, Guest Book #165
    i am the youngest of 4 siblings in ken hi classes of 1962 - 1964 - 1966 - 1968. Our late dad, Joe Gordon, managed the White Tower Restaurant on 5th ave in the early 1940s. Is it still opened or unoccupied?

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