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A company of players, know as The Parsec Players comprised of all ages, studying drama and learning to act and interact with each other.  

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Here is an opportunity to learn theatre arts from experienced actors and have fun doing it. You'll learn acting skills, working with other generations - and then you'll become part of a repertoire company that will perform at schools, senior centers, civic organizations and other venues in Southern California. Not only will you learn some new skills, you'll also learn about the 'other' generation. And YOU'LL HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

Who Should Join?: 

Anyone who want to study drama while interacting with different age groups and having fun doing it.

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Acting Classes

What Will Be Studied?

All aspects of the theatre, from theatre ethics to character development, are included in the classes. By character development,  both the character as a student and the character as an actor are stressed. Students are treated as professionals and they are expected to conduct themselves as professionals, both on stage and off stage.

As well as learning to act, these classes are designed to help the members to become thoughtful, caring individuals throughout his/her life.  The inter-generational forum allows students and seniors to learn from and share with each other. Goals of the program include bridging connections between the generations through the medium of acting, as well as building new friendships. 

These classes are designed to promote a positive and dynamic forum for building confidence and self esteem in both seniors and teens. Teamwork is stressed as well as achievement. The group is not just about the entertaining that they will do. Its message reaches the members as well, uniting generations.

Below is an outline of what will happen in the classes:

1.   Introduction 
2.   About theatre and commitment. 
3.   Movement and voice. Projection and singing.
4.   Choose monologues and study them.
5.   Read monologues.
6.   Perform monologues - choose scenes to perform.
7.   Read scenes - Work on monologues.
8.   Work on monologues & scenes.
9.   Work on monologues & scenes.
10. Perform monologues & scenes for family.
11. Perform monologues & scenes at venues in Orange County

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Sam Younghans

Sam started acting and writing short plays in grammar school and has been acting, performing and writing ever since. He studied drama in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. He has performed in many plays, done films, television and commercials. His book Cancel Christmas, which he adapted from his play, has recently been adapted to a screenplay. He has taught drama,  produced plays and created two theatres. He now lives in Glendale, CA and continues his passion for the stage, either acting, directing, teaching or writing. is his web site.
Sam is also available for private lessons and/or coaching.

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