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Candace M. Younghans, Rosannah Riess and Kirya Traber invite you to the 2nd showcase of “In Her Silence,” hosted by the ‘Women’s Work Series’ at Venue9.

“In Her Silence” is one act in a yet to be developed more extensive series or ‘danceplay’

Choreographed and directed in a highly collaborative and intensely personal manner by Candace M. Younghans, “In Her Silence” exhibits one young lady’s experience as she winds down for bedtime and her roommate’s reflection on her destructive beliefs. Main Character is danced by Rosannah Riess and The Roommate written and played by Kirya Traber.

The evening of the 23rd will be a showcase of five different choreographer’s works and “In Her Silence” will be opening the show. Venue9 is a small intimate space so reservations are highly recommended. We look forward to seeing you


WHERE: Venue9_  252 9th St. (between Howard and Folsom)
San Francisco, Ca. 94103
 WHEN:   8p.m. Tuesday, September 23, 2003
 TICKETS:  $8- $10 sliding scale