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WARNING TO ALL ACTORS: We feel it is our (past cast members) obligation to our fellow actors to warn you that the San Diego All City Free Shakespear Festival is a rip off. They do not pay the promised stipend, the production is slipshod, there is no promotion and it is demeaning to the actors. The Mayor has been alerted to this situation. 

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DeLillo, Robert  San Diego, CA -Sam - I checked out my photo & resume under actor's photos....WOW!! Thanks a lot!!  Very good w/both poses alternating & resume below..........very impressive & very professional.
Now I can refer people to it on phone for auditions, etc. Thanks again,
Ciao, Robert
P.S. I got a comm'l from my agt!  Shoot this Tues 11/7, I play a 'cranky' Santa! for On-line SD.  So now I got 2 gigs next week!

DeLillo, Robert  San Diego, CA
   Sam - A big & grateful 'Thank You' for your "ACTORS PHOTOS" page!!!  Thanks to you, I was able to secure a place in the AIA Actor's Studio sponsored 'A Master Class with Jason Alexander'.  This all-day workshop has a limited enrollment & I was able to register on the phone; the AIA rep got on-line & I directed her to my photo/resume on  the 'Actor Photos' page - in real time.  It not only saved me valuable time, postage & a photo, but it secured a place in this extremely limited & VERY popular class [I was one of the LAST 10 entrants!].
Thanks again - I think this service is invaluable to a serious actor!! Mille grazie........Robert DeLillo

corbino, cara   san deigo, ca

Seidman, Randy   San Diego, CA 92128
Resume and headshot sent upon request

Sue Ellen Gerrells 619/275-6225 2522 Clairemont Drive #204 San Diego, CA 92117 
Attention: Directors:  Are you longing for a place to go to learn more about your craft? Do you wish you had someone to vent to or get feedback from who would understand what you're talking about?  Do you want to share your experiences with other directors? Then the Stage Directors Guild of San Diego (SDGoSD) is the group for you.   You are invited to attend our next informational meeting and learn more about this exciting new group of experienced non-profit theatre directors who meet monthly to discuss, share, and learn more about the fascinating, challenging craft directing for the stage. Time: 12:30-2:30 p.m. Date: Saturday, July 13, 2000
Place: Scripps Ranch Library Location: 10301 Scripps Lake Drive (858) 538-8158 Directions:   From I-15, take the Mira Mesa Blvd Exit. Travel East.  At the dead end, turn right onto Scripps Ranch Blvd.  Take a left at the second light (Scripps Lake Drive).   The library is the first building on the right.  Park in the lower lot. For more information, contact: President Jay Mower   (858) 485-8498 or by email: Secretary Sue Ellen Gerrells (619) 275-6225 or by email:

Roy P. Cunningham  
    I think the job Sam has done is exemplary. After reading the piece about his life and the disclaimer concerning the vultures seeking aspiring thespians as prey I wish to somehow lend support to the belief that fairness and honesty in representation are not dead. To that end I am working on a project here in San Diego that may have some positive effect on aspiring entertainers of all sorts. I beieve in a law of universailty which states "for every action there is a reaction". We've had quite a lot of unfair agents, etc milking aspiring entertainers of all sorts. Is this really the time for a reaction of fairness and honesty in representation ? Even if the only contribution I could make is volunteer help of an obscure nature I'm willing to throw that in with others in hopes that the sum total energy will help someone make a right decision. Look for me to start showing up at auditions, etc. General

Alessandra   (619) 276 9019 4949 Gardena Ave. San Diego, CA 92110

Hi Sam, Thanks to you for the opportunity to check out AASD audition notices and other valuable info on line. Are you from Ohio?  I'm from New London and Richfield (between Akron and Cleveland) but left Ohio in 1967 for Mexico. Do you know if anyone ever gets calls to audition as a result of having headshots on the website?  Irene Corey
Answer: I've heard of it, but not often.. It may be the thing in a few years. I wouldn't pay any huge fee to get my photo on a website. I have photos on mine that are free for one photo and a fee to post your resume or any information about you on it. I do know that people have gotten jobs by refering casting people to their photos on the web. I hope this is of some help in a sea of aspiring actors with almost the same amount of sharks out there to slash away at your dollars.  Sam

Mary Anderson 619 435-4856 - 775 Strand Way Coronado, CA
       Please include the Coronado Playhouse in your list of San Diego Theatres.

March 11, 2000

Brian Kampersal - Carlsbad, CA 92008 US
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter in hopes that you may be able to pilot me in the correct direction of some acting contacts.  I am an apprentice actor and I seek some community theater so I can hone my craft further.  I have looked at the Internet searching for a contact or someone that I may be able to contact in reference to acting locally.   Would you have any suggestions of whom I may contact for performing, I an not looking for pay.  
Thank You in advance for any help you can offer,
Brian Kampersal (Brian Paul)

February 1, 2000
Hey Guys... you know me I don't get out much... Ann Savage and Gabriella Nanci worked on a show that is wonderful... I know most of you have seen the show before but Sharron Hayes (Producer), Dave Rethoret (Director), John Simonds (Set Design) along with Gabriella Nanci (Music Director) and Ann Savage (Costume Design)  and of course a very talented cast have put together a marvelous production of A CHORUS LINE at USIU.  Also, as a little surprise -- Sam Youghan's son, Torre, plays Zak, the director. The theatre group is The Scripps Ranch Theatre.  The show runs through March 5 and runs Friday and Saturday at 8:00 and Sunday at 2:00.  For Tickets and Reservations call 858-578-SRCT.  I saw an invitational dress and normally these can be sketchy at best but this was top drawer.   SRT has quite a reputation and boy are they living up to it...
Congratulations for an excellent production!
Steve Storc

11/02/1999          Do You Like Theatre!?  Do You Love Theatre!?
Liking theatre and loving theatre are two entirely different things Liking it... means you can partake of it on your terms... a weekendhere... a couple nights here... meet some new people.... meet some friends... stretch your abilities a little... get back in the stream.Loving it.... means you breath it... you live it... you make it happen at
all costs... to your own detriment... to your own fulfillment.I decided 10 years ago to eat, drink and be theatre... It's taken  me on a lovely journey of meeting new friends... new talent... new loves... but after a time... if your friends, talents and loves don't get it....there's really no reason to continue the charade....Honestly, answer me if you feel more alive... more vibrant... more human... more perfect... anywhere than on a stage... and yet... why is it that the little theatre gets the shaft... schedule... work... anything but theatre.... everything but theatre.... Sure, I require a lot... not a lot of rehearsal time... and yet, the reviews are rave... The audience raves... and no one sees... or hears.  When all the theatres are gone and there is no place to 'be' you.   What will you say then!?  I remember when?! 

Yes!!!!   Steve Storc is a raving lunatic that does theatre.  Theatre... over and over and over... year after year..... show after show... review after review....   I would think someone would wonder... How does this  happen!?  How can this happen!?  Because it is my life. It has become extraordinarily difficult to keep this space open... Tokeep it vibrant... to do two and three times as much theatre as any theatre company in San Diego... to consistently get great reviews... to write a new show every month... to keep the actors happy and fulfilled....  If the kindred spirits are not there to make the magic happen... the magic cannot happen.
I am quite tired of actors who want to 'act' but can't find the time... I am tired of singers who want to 'sing' but can't find the time... I am tired of the complacency... tired of the 'no time' to excel..  to become a performer...  To be a consummate performer!

I try not to ask any more from you than you ask of yourself... if fact, most times.... you ask more of yourself than I do....  You want to bebetter... You want not to fail... You want to be an 'actor'.  You want to be accepted.
Everyone has a life.  Everyone has shit happen.  Everyone has...What makes you happy?!  What makes you whole?!  What makes you better?! What makes you... you?!

It's a dark night at THEATRX.  A night of question.  A night of why's.  A night of why do this at all...  My tenant has always been... I will live my life with no regrets... That's why I do, what I do now.... If you can, don't let another theatre fold because there wasn't enough talent or audience to let your soul fly. souls have a tendency to fly... and never be seen again. Our time here is short... much shorter than one would think.  Don't let your soul end on this earthly plain undeveloped when the heavens are waiting for a soul developed, educated  and ready for new life.

Sunday Nov. 7 as 5:00pm, I will be in a performance of LOVE LETTERS at Fullerton College.  Actually different faculty pairs are doing it all week, but if you want to see Susan Boulanger and I read, you have to come Sunday to the Bronwyn Dodson Theatre on campus.  You can park in the parking structure on the corner of Chapman anbd Lemon and just walk accross the street.  Box Office # is 714 992-7433.   Hope you can make it!
David Grant Wright

Jeff Alderman   Phoenix, AZ 85015 USA
I've been told that I look more like JC than anyone else. Am anxiously awaiting to be cast in "The Jim Croce Story". Never have acted, but am willing to learn.  Once they see me and know what a good guy I am, they'll be glad they made the call. J.

Ame A. Curtiss (Actor)

maura brigham AASD  

Katie Sudhalter 
Very interesting and inspiring website!

jovana infante 

Name: Erin Ashe - E-mail:
Thanks for a great way to get SD actor info!

Name: Lisa - E-mail:
Could you please tell me if Sergio Mendez did a duet with Patti Austin for the song Never Gonna let you go? Thanks for your help.

Name: Dino Germano - E-mail:
Thanks for the Vagabonds page.. Dom was my dad.

Name: Lisa Mc Daniel-Scott - E-mail:  Hello Sam, You have a great web page. I loved viewing the pictures !!!

 Name: Stephanie Costido - E-mail: 

Just a note of 'bravo!' for the page! It's great! I've moved out of the San Diego area, but find the info, news and comments of great interest and inspiration!

Name: Lisa Daniels - E-mail: 

Name: dean monroe - E-mail: 
How can I buy A Brazil 77 CD? Where can I order it 

Name: Lisa -E-mail:
Could you please tell me if Sergio Mendez did a duet with Patti Austin for the song Never Gonna let you go?
Thanks for your help.

Name: David Grant Wright - 2/24/1999 9:59:08 AM Pacific Standard Time  - Email: (David G Wright)

Date:    2/24/1999 3:34:16 - Name: Shamon Freitas Agency - URL: 
Nice sight!

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Actor Comments from Estee Gubbay - 2/12/99 Name: Estee Gubbay - Company: Actors Self Managment Group - E-mail:
    Actors Self Managment Group now forming in San Diego, CA. If you are interested in working with a team to help move your career forward, motivate you, share ideas and develop your talents, contact Estee at


 Guestbook Comments from Liz Anderson - 2/11/99 - Name: Liz Anderson - Company: Kobey's - E-mail:
Thanks for putting the schedule online. I'll let people know.

Date:2/11/99 Name: Sean Murray E-mail: -   Congratulations all on a wonderful presentation of San Diego actors at the all city auditions last Monday. Overall, I was quite proud of the work presented and just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to see so many wonderful actors on one stage. You should be proud, and thanks again. Sean


Name: Dixie Krueger - E-mail:
Need mailing address of Steve Forrest, actor (brother of Dana Andrews)


Name: Ariel - E-mail: I'm looking for jobs for young actors (Actpeople to be politically correct), around the age of 14 or 15.


Name: John Martin  Email:  - Thanks for having this site available to Actors.


Name: Tamatha Perryman  - E-mail: 
Question: I am new to the area and need new headshots. Can anyone recommend someone wonderful?


Name: Angela Farr - E-mail: 
To whom it may concern, During the summer I am interested in doing some summer stock theare as an actor or stage manager. Can you provide any insight on my search?
Thank you... Angela Farr


E-mail: (Russell Copley) Company: Murder In The Cathedral
Hey Ron,
Too right mate. This left-footer is gonna Murder you this weekend. God save the King!First Knight

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E-mail:  (Ron Choularton) GREAT JOB MATE! Very well put together, a wonderful addition to the AASD. You should be given a lifetime's volunteer hours for your labours! Beware of Russell Copley, he's a member of many covert associations.    RC


10/24/98  Hi to all my email Friends, Silk Stalkings is rerunning a bunch of episodes from last season this week. I will be on Sunday night as usual (9:00pm most places), and then again Monday through Thursday late night (11:00 or midnight). It's all on USA Cable. Let me know if you get a chance to catch any of them!Thanks, David (David G Wright)


Greetings to all.: We got new EMail addresses: Please change the old bookmarks to these:  (Edd) **  (Michelle) ** ** (Kyle)    Go ahead and respond back so we know you got them. Talk to ya soon,


E-mail: (Terri Marsteiner)  Thank you for the audition notices


Date: 9/27/98, From: (Angela Farr) To whom it may concern, Thank you I think that this is a wonderful site...and very funny! I wanted to know if anybody out there in "cyberland" knew of any good summer stock theatre companys for non-equity actors. It doesn't matter where it is with-in the U.S.. Please feel free to email me any info. you have on this subject or if you know of any publications that could give good info. Thank you ,Angela Farr


Name: Zahra Abdi - E-mail: 
I am a very poor young actress. I have alot of talent, and I need an agent. I am very beautiful and I know that if I had an agent that I could make it bigtime. The only problem is that I am poor and cannot afford an agent. I was wondering if you could maybe get a celebrity to pay for my agent so that I could start my acting career. It would definately pay off when I am famous and tell the media about how my discovery to becoming a star was all because of someone's generousity. Please help. Thankyou.
You sound like a dreamer. Nothing wrong with that if you take action. Study and do the work all good actresses do. Don't wait to be discovered or helped. You will only get helped into and out of a lot of beds. Agents do not and can not charge (Only a percentage of your earnings, 10%). If you find one who charges turn him in. Do it now!


Hi Sam, I finally got to look at your web site. Very cool! I like all the info here. When I start teaching again I will include it as a must for the San Diego Actor! I don't have a current email address for you. Can you get me one? Tell Candace I said, "Hi". David

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These questions are for you to answer, either directly to that person or to this page. If you have an answer, please  help someone. We will publish your answer for others to read with or without your name- your choice. For those with questions, we will publish your email address unless you request otherwise.

Daksha Gohil Kenner, La  U.S.A.   
Dear Sir or Madam,
   I would like to know if you can help me in finding an agent
that won't rip me off. I currently attend the University Of New Orleans. My
major is drama/communications.
Thank you for your time.
Daksha Gohil

Name: Jess E-mail: 
Alright, can someone please clear this up for me? If you want to be a professional actor (stage and film) is it wise to work as an extra in San Diego? I've heard conflicting things from directors and casting directors. thanks, jess

Name: Grant Weatherford -- E-mail:  -- Portland, OR 97230 -- I was wondering where I could or if you could help me find out who Jack Johnson's(Played Will Robinson in lost in space)agent is and what his adress is? Please write me back. -Grant


Name: Edd Schuller, Company: The Westside Community Theater, E-mail:  -- A few years ago I moved to New Mexico from San Diego. Although there is a very strong interest in live theater, there are gaps. One gap here in the Westside Area of Albuquerque, I'm trying to help fill. Therefore, I'm solicting information from familiar territory.  Are you aware or know of associations that could assist the starting of a Community Theater group that plans to evolve to being a encompassing source of contact and activity for the Performing Arts in this area? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.


E-mail:  ----  Question: I want to know on how can I be an actor? I really want to be an actor but i don't know how i can be. I really want to play in movies and stuff like that but i m not sure how i can do that. My parents say that i m really funny and should be an actor. I gave it some thought because this could affect me when i m older, and i've decided to give acting a shot. Where do i go? Who do i go to? I m i even the right person for the job? Mabey i m asking the wrong people??? All i know is that i want to be an actor. I thought this was the spot but i wasn't sure. I looked and looked for a acting career all my life well for 3 months anyways, but all i want to know is how do i become an actor??

ANSWER 1: Study (all subjects), observe people, find a local theatre group and audition. Offer to work back- stage to get experience. Read about acting and practice the different techniques and keep on auditioning. If you aren't cast, try again. You may not be right for the part. Don't give up. Read what other successful actors did to get where they are. You must always study and practice if you want to be successful. And don't give up.


E-mail:  ---- ---  ---- Interested in classes or workshops. Faith an such, but did you make a nice day for me. Sure an I'll walk through today as if I was walking though a field of shamrocks. Many returns of the day to you. I know there are jokes flying all over the world today so this "Irish Girl" is contributing an Irish Poem for all those who have loved or been touched by love. "Close your eyes and dream with me -- Picture a cottage by the sea  --- On a misty morn in Ireland --- There we would wander, hand in hand, --- In a garden where red roses cling ---- To ancient walls and linnets sing ----- Your tender smile would speak to me --- In sweet and silent poetry --- Until green hills turned twilight gray,  --- Until there was no more to say --- Then you and I would lay a fire  --- Kindled with kisses and desire, --- And we would know the wild delight --- Of Irish love on an Irish night."

You may not be of Irish ancestory - but if you open your eyes, ears and heart today a little bit of Irish luck just might cross your way.   HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO ONE AND ALL


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Hello All, This is a short announcement: I will be teaching a class at The Great Hall at St. Paul's Cathedral on
Saturday October 9th. 12 noon until 6pm.  We will be looking at two acting methods:
a)  Antonin Artuad's  "Theatre of Cruelty" method.
b)  The Whelan Technique of "Instant Acting"
The fee is $40. It is advised that all participants bring loose clothing (casual); a towel; a recording device (if possible); a mask or blindfold and lunch. If you are interested in reserving a place, please email Canon for the Arts, Richard Lief at
Thank you.
Russell Copley - 264 South La Cienega Blvd., PMB 1132, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (ph) 310-497-5807

Name: Soula Passas - E-mail:  --- Lives in Montreal.  -  Hello! Please see my picture & resume:  &  Thanks!! Soula.

 06/15/98  David Grant Wright is now appearing in a recurring role on Silk Stalkings. He can also be seen on KPBS (Channel 15 San Diego) during their fund raising campagne.

07/10/98 Karina Calabro, RETURNED off the road for a few days and then back to touring with Sammy Kaye's Orchestra. She is dancing tonight at Champion's Ballroom in theHillcrest areas of San Diego.

06/29/98 Robert DeLillo:  Half of the team of The Sunshine Boys is visiting his partner Sam Younghans at the Onstage Tenth Avenue venue. Robert is performing in  "The Twilight of the Golds" (See "Actor's Guide") at the Poway Performing Arts Company. Robert and Sam are looking for a good venue to reprise The Sunshine Boys in the future.


If you are working, casting, or directing and would like to have that information  appear on this page, Click here. >> information.

 E-mail: - From Robert DeLillo: In rehearsal for "The Twilight of the Golds" at the Poway Performing Arts Company. I play the Jewish father in the Gold family of five. It's a little on the 'deep' side, not really a comedy but a serio-comic drama. We open on July 10th. See Photo.


Name: Matt Thompson  - Company: The Plutonium Eggplant Theatre Company - E-mail:  We are producing a series of one act plays under the subtitle "Radioactive Cameo Dog!" playing at the Back Parlour Theatre (4378 Lankershim Blvd.) in North Hollywodd May 22-30 Fri and Sat. nights at 8pm!!!

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Hi Sam,
I just wanted to thank you for your statement:  "I believe the actor deserves acknowledgement. If you submit
information about a new production, the cast list is required, or it will not be published."
    As an actor as well as the webmaster for the Pine Hills Lodge & Dinner Theatre, that statement made me realize that, in our haste to bring up the page, we neglected to mention not only the cast, but authors and director as well!  Thanks to your reminder, we have remedied that situation.  Just goes to show that you never know how something you say might change things!
Thanks again...
Have fun,


From: - Name: Annette Spadafore - Company: Little Jewel Productions
            You're site was suggested to me by an actor I am currently doing a show with. She suggested I send info on our upcoming production of Alan Ball's comedy, FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS. It opens Friday, August 7 and runs through Saturday, August 29, 1998 -- Thursday thru Sunday performances. Curtain at 8pm Thurs, Fri Sat; 2pm on Sundays. Performances at The Fault Line Theatre, 3152 Fifth Avenue (between Redwood Spruce), San Diego. Seating is limited, please call 619-226-3537 for information or reservations. The performance features 6 very talented actors including Debra Walters, Paige McAllister, Lee Karin Lampard, Lori Pennington, Nina Agostine Jeffrey Lippold. It is directed by Annette Spadafore. Synopsis: The story takes place in the sitting room of an old antebellum mansion in Knoxville, Tennessee. Five bridesmaids "hide" from the action by taking refuge in the upstairs sitting/bedroom of the bride's sister, Meredith. Each woman has a distinctly different relationship with the bride as well as each other. It is both hilarious and heart-warming as they share opinions about everything from "safe sex" to bad blue eye shadow. Please join us for an enjoyable evening as we lauch a new company, a relatively new theatre and a "brand new" play, not previously produced in San Diego County. Tickets are $10 $8, Opening night $15 includes Champagne #question Bridal Reception. Recommended for MATURE audiences!!!

FOR MY REAL FRIEND:   A Friend, a Real Friend, - Someone you - Love and Trust, - is going to tell you - All the things - You do not - Want to know - About yourself. - A Friend tells you - When you are right - And helps you - understand. - How you could - Be wrong. - A friend will - Yell and scream, - But when you need him, - He is there. A Friend is - Someone you cannot - And do not lie to - She knows your secrets - And holds them - In confidence. A Friend - Pushes you, shoves you, - And drives you real hard. - A Friend is someone - You can look at - And see yourself - And know you are - Really going to be - All right.  -

Labels and Hate

Placing labels on people makes it easier to kill them. One of the headlines In The San Diego Union Tribune the other day read "Mexican Soldiers Kill 11 Rebels". What if the headline read "Humans in soldier uniforms killed 11 humans in rebel uniforms" Either way you put it, 11 human beings were killed by other human beings. Life is our most precious gift, to take life away from any one individual is a crime against all mankind. At one time these "rebels" were born, had parents, were children and then became adults who wanted something better for their people. There was something wrong with the way they were being treated and they wanted to change it. I am not making judgements, but isn't that they way our forefathers felt when they rebelled against their English government(another label).

Rebels cause revolutions, revolutions cause change (good and bad). If the governments listened to the people and served the people instead of being so self-serving, would there be rebels? There may be criminals (another label) but no rebels.

Labels make it easy to hate, mistreat, rip off, and kill.. When we see each other as human beings instead of labels we will be starting the biggest revolution in the world; human revolution. If we conquer hate, we will be the most victorious rebels in the world. Stop hate and there will be peace. Human beings will be victorious.

Hate is taught, we don't come into this world with hate. To teach hate is the most criminal of all acts against mankind. Teach compassion and soon there will be no reason to hate. So simple, yet so hard. It starts with you. Can you wear it?

QUESTION: How do you teach compassion?

ANSWER: By Example. Like it says above: "It all starts with you." Don't wait for someone else to do it. Do it now!

Contact us  about your news, questions, comments or audition notices.

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