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NOTICE:  I feel that the exploitation of actors is a moral crime and should be made a crime, punishable by large fines or jail. There are some agents, "casting directors", photographers and scum who use the burning desires of those in pursuit of an acting career to line their pockets and go to the bank laughing. 
     There are some agents, and casting people who offer classes to help those striving actors part with their money in hopes that one of these so called "teachers" will sign them or give them a part. If these "teachers" are not earning enough as agents or casting directors, then what can they teach you? They should seek other employment, don't live off of poor aspiring actors and actresses. My advice is: take an acting class from a qualified actor/actress/director with experience, one who knows the stage and the business. That is money well spent.
        These are the opinions of and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other organizations.
        If you wish to comment on this disclaimer or any other subject pertaining to the performing arts, there is a billboard page for that purpose.
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To Under-age Aspiring Actors

If you are a truly committed actor, you know better. This is for those that think they can become stars over-night because they think they are special. You are all special, but there are many dangers for young people who say they will do anything to become an actor. I receive an occasional email from young people who make statements about their desire to be an actor and know they can be the best. They want to know where they can go to be discovered. They give their email address and sometimes a phone number. Don't do this!! It is dangerous and not too bright. Chances are very good that You will run into someone who is looking to prey on young people.

When I receive an email like that, I delete it. If you are really serious, read the advice for an actor on this site, and start with a drama class in your school.