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San Diego Theater:  Submitted announcements for plays in the San Diego area. This site does not solicit submissions. However we will publish your submissions.   *NOTE: I believe the actor deserves acknowledgement. If you submit information about a new production, the cast list is required, or it will not be published.
Peter Gill: playwright, theatre director This is a great site for actors.r
Film & TV Connection: an entertainment industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.

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  The Professional guide to Acting in Tokyo
Dale Morris San Diego Actor's site.
Monti Rock III Alive and Well in Las Vegas
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  A web casting service that is designed for the Actor - Reasonable, and he is promoting his site to casting people.
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3/24/2000 Caution: They are running ads again, and again promising stipends. The Same man(Chris R) is running it. The following item was published three years ago:   We feel it is our (past cast members) obligation to our fellow actors to warn you that the San Diego All City Free Shakespeare Festival is a rip off. They do not pay the promised stipend, the production is slipshod, there is no promotion and it is demeaning to the actors. The Mayor was alerted to this situation. For more details call 619/237-0578.

 Actor's advice: From various professionals in the business regarding resumes, conduct as an actor, finding an agent, etc.. Submitted by David Grant Wright: An Actor's Invaluable Guide to Summer Stock, Dinner Theatre, and Beyond...
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  Auditions: Additional audition notices in the San Diego area from  OnStage Productions in Chula Vista.
The Sledgehammer Theatre

ONStage Productions: OnStage Productions is the only live community theatre in Chula Vista. We operate year round, producing six or more superior plays per year.
  Photographers: Hollywood, New York, San Diego, San Francisco

Agents: Hollywood, New York, San Diego, San Francisco
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  AWOL:  Actor's Workshop Online has books for sale and an interesting section about advice to actors.

To Under-age Aspiring Actors

If you are a truly committed actor, you know better. This is for those that think they can become stars over-night because they think they are special. You are all special, but there are many dangers for young people who say they will do anything to become an actor. I receive an occasional email from young people who make statements about their desire to be an actor and know they can be the best. They want to know where they can go to be discovered. They give their email address and sometimes a phone number. Don't do this!! It is dangerous and not too bright. Chances are very good that You will run into someone who is looking to prey on young people.

When I receive an email like that, I delete it. If you are really serious, read the advice for an actor on this site, and start with a drama class in your school.