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Rumor, room'mr, n.  A current story , report, or statement passing from one person to another, without any known authority for the truth of it.
Fact, fakt, n. Something that has really happened or is actualluy the case; the quality of being real and actual; a truth known by actual observation.

Factrum, fakt'room, A combination of a rumor and a fact; with no guarantees.

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Fact June 8, 2000          For immediate release………A Most Unusual Reunion!
Hollywood Professional School was the alma mater of [to name a few!]: Lance Kerwin, Melanie Griffith, Ryan O’Neal and Tatum O’Neal, Peggy Lipton, Connie Stevens, former SAG president Barry Gordon, Sue Lyon, "The Bad Seed" Patty McCormack, skater Peggy Fleming, Annette O’Toole, Jill St. John, Donald O’Connor, Yvette Mimieux, Tuesday Weld, songwriters The Addrisi Brothers, producers Paul Playdon and Dick Foster, Michael Lloyd of Curb Records, jazz pianist Joanne Grauer, singer Sue Raney, Emmy-winning makeup artist & ex-Mouseketeer Tommy Cole, Cecelia and Inez Pedroza, Lauren Chapin of "Father Knows Best", Debra Paget, Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, dancers Suzanne Luckey, Juan Talavera, Bo Wagner and Barrie Duffus, JoAnn Castle of the Lawrence Welk Show, Sherry Jackson, C&W performers Brenda Lee, Mollie Bee, the Collins Kids and an assortment of original Mousketeers.
"HPS" is having an all-years reunion on June 8th at 6:30 pm at Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, CA. We would like to locate former students. The school has been closed for many years and no alumni lists exist.
Please help us get the word out!
On the Web: < http://hpsalumni.com >  Email: <  twoheins@aol.com  > Phone: Elaind Ballace 818-771-8391

Factrum: 9/10/199
Maria de Aragon, who played Greedo in the first Star Wars episode, is scheduled for an appearance in the next production.

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New York

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San Francisco

Fact: 8/18/1999 
Michele Barton, Deborah Burkman and Candace Younghans have been cast in a new film Bloody By You. filming starts the last week of August. Michele is in rehearsal for Talking with Angels and Candace is opening this week end in Story Time with Dead Mrs Treet.


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San Diego

Fact: February 11, 2000
Hey Guys... you know me I don't get out much... Ann Savage and Gabriella Nanci worked on a show that is wonderful... I know most of you have seen the show before but Sharron Hayes (Producer), Dave Rethoret (Director), John Simonds (Set Design) along with Gabriella Nanci (Music Director) and Ann Savage (Costume Design)  and of course a very talented cast have put together a marvelous production of A CHORUS LINE at USIU.  Also, as a little surprise -- Sam Youghan's son, Torre, plays Zak, the director. The theatre group is The Scripps Ranch Theatre.  The show runs through March 5 and runs Friday and Saturday at 8:00 and Sunday at 2:00.  For Tickets and Reservations call 858-578-SRCT.  I saw an invitational dress and normally these can be sketchy at best but this was top drawer.   SRT has quite a reputation and boy are they living up to it...
Congratulations for an excellent production!
Steve Storc

Fact: February 1, 2000
Well here we go again... Another opening night... Valentine -- A Sweetheart of a musical revue opens February 4th and runs through February 13th... Showtimes are Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm and Sunday at 6:30pm... The February 13th show is at 2:00... although I'm trying to
get two shows in that day... 2:00pm and 6:30pm... will keep you posted.

Fact: 1/30/2000
Congratulations to Ron Choularton,  Gangster #1 - Fritz Theater
(from KPBS OnAir Magazine, by Pat Launer)
...Most promising of all, theater companies have begun to put more than a toe in the water, venturing further into the deep, bracing depths of developing major new work (Wonderland at La Jolla Playhouse; Phenomenal Acceleration at Sledgehammer), and there is every evidence
that this trend will continue in the coming year.  La Jolla Playhouse, as part of its $36 million capital campaign, has made a major commitment to new play development, and smaller companies like the Fritz, Sledgehammer and Playwrights Project continue to do their part.
Also invigorating has been the expanding effort to bring younger audiences into the theater, a necessity which will ensure the continued life of the theater --often referred to as "the fabulous invalid" --that now seems to be getting stronger, healthier, less impoverished and less helpless. Glory be; it's been a long time coming. We all need to do our part in sustaining theater, with our presence as well as our presents. Overall, 1999 was punctuated by brilliant flashes of dramatic and comedic entertainment. It's high time our magnificent local theater community got its due. Time, once again, for the Patte' Awards for Theatre Excellence.
    This third installment of the awards, selected from the 99 plays I saw in 1999, is my gift back to the creative community, my personal Pat on the back to artists from San Diego, who make extraordinary theater in San Diego, for San Diego. It was, as always, incredibly difficult to narrow down the choices. But here, in no particular order, is my personal selection of the Best of the Best in San Diego theater, 1999.

Outstanding Ensemble
    Arcadia - North Coast Repertory Theatre
    The Birthday Party - UCSD
    Joyful Noise - Lamb's Players Theatre
    Triumph of Love - SDSU
Outstanding Scenic Design
    David Ledsinger, Blues for an Alabama Sky;
    Three Days of Rain - Old Globe
    Ralph Funicello, Magic Fire; The Hostage - Old Globe
Outstanding Lighting Design
    York Kennedy, Magic Fire - Old Globe
    Ron Vodicka, Chess - Moonlight
    Amphitheatre; Blues for an Alabama Sky - Old Globe
    Chris Parry, Jane Eyre - La Jolla Playhouse
Outstanding Costume Design
    Shelly Williams, Triumph of Love - SDSU
    Kathy Auckland, Into the Woods - Starlight Musical Theatre
    Jeanne Reith, Till We Have Faces;
    Joyful Noise - Lamb's Players Theatre
Outstanding Sound Design
    Michael Roth (music and sound), Arcadia - North Coast Repertory Theatre;
    Death of a Salesman - San Diego Repertory Theatre
    Jeff Ladman, Three Days of Rain; Thunder Knocking on the Door - Old Globe; Phenomenal Acceleration - Sledgehammer
Outstanding Performance
    Ron Campbell, The Thousandth Night - North Coast Repertory Theatre;
    The Illusion - San Diego Repertory Theatre
    Kandis Chappell, Collected Stories - Old Globe
    Ron Choularton, Gangster #1 - Fritz Theater
Deborah Gilmour Smyth,
    Till We Have Faces - Lamb's Players Theatre
    Richard Stevens, Angels in America, Part I- Diversionary Theatre
Outstanding Direction
    Kirsten Brandt, The Frankenstein Project - Sledgehammer
    Todd Salovey, The Illusion - San Diego Repertory Theatre
    Les Waters, Big Love - UCSD
Outstanding Production
    The Illusion - San Diego Repertory Theatre
    True West - Sledgehammer Theatre
    Wonderland - La Jolla Playhouse

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