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3/24/2000 Caution: They are running ads again, and again promising stipends. The Same man (Chris R) is running it. The following item was published three years ago:   We feel it is our (past cast members) obligation to our fellow actors to warn you that the San Diego All City Free Shakespeare Festival is a rip off. They do not pay the promised stipend, the production is slipshod, there is no promotion and it is demeaning to the actors. The Mayor was alerted to this situation. For more details call 619/237-0578.

I read this in an issue of the Back Stage West and I think that all aspiring young actors should take heed.: "DON'T PAY TO PLAY. Remember: Managers and agents make money after you get work. Never pay a fee to be represented, submitted or considered for a role. If you do, the only thing you're being considered is an easy mark. A message from the Back Stage editorial staff."  No truer words were ever spoken. If you have paid a fee sometime in the past, please send me your expierence and I will post it here for others. Give me the names of those representatives and I will publish them so that others don't fall into the trap.
        A young actor came to me the other day to find out if he made a good choice. You be the judge. He answered an ad in the San Diego Reader that read: "Actors/Models Start your career! STARZ Theatrical & Model Management is now looking for new performers ages 7 and up to develop careers in modeling, acting, TV commercials! Call for an interview, their phone number." He answered the ad.  He went to La Jolla for the interview. After Camie J. Carpenter and another lady named Rhonda interviewed him and told him their fee ($800 Cash -$895 on a payment plan), they told him he could earn back the fee through working as an extra. He had head shots, but was told that they should be renewed every six months. In their formula for success is the name and phone number of their Photographer (Miguel Pizarro).
    He was referred to an Extra Agency (Tina Real Agency) their fee is only $25.00. They need 14 color snapshots to help get him work. Their photographer is listed in their "Professional Extra Guidline" booklet (Rique Monroy - fee $35).
    They have classes. Here are some notes from the first couple of classes:
1. What are golden global wards? – foreign press association judges sit – votes. 2. New Leo film – the Beach 3. Height for a female super model – 5 ft. 10 inches. 4. Cable and direct TV direct has satellite and cable his regular TV. 5. It is important – more jobs for actors 6. Notice to medium for models – Internet. 7. M. H. – how people perceive you – how you present yourself. 8. First impressions are important – yes. 9. Where same close to callback as audition – yes. 10. The theatrical Company which has ads in newspaper or Yellow Pages – no: go to Better Business Bureau, California Labor Board. Agencies cannot charge or sell you pictures. Go to any union to find out about them.
Image:  eyes – need to look good radiant first part people see. Skin – playing: have ones skin care product –alphahydroxy, Nitseutogena, – were darker, looks slim, get lighter material all. Eyeglasses should not be wider than the widest part of face. Faces – oval, round, Square, rectangle, heart. Hair style – do with look that flatters you. 1. Clear precise calm eye contact when walking in – 90 percent is presents, how you carry yourself, appearance and preparation, be fair 15 minutes in lobby before interview, don’t drink during interview, don’t fidget, get up three hours before interview, leave early to get to interview 15 minutes before and. 2. Articulation – yes or no, correct grammar those lying. 3. Courtesy – extended courtesy goes long way good manners people. To receptionist. 5 take care of self, portfolio, had shot – resume; you do want to look "new" of the look at the may be needed via tape bring appointment book then legal pad. 6. Sell yourself – confident: don’t lie, but give encouragement; sometimes you have to tell white lie that will embellished. 7. Conversation – give the interviewer I complement don’t act conceited, no gum. 8. Posture – and sipping, standing, interviewing, don’t cross Lakes, cup hands to keep from fidgeting. 9. Talk good about self. 10. Go over six elements of performers day, look for agents, asked for recommendations, go see, promotional activities, doing jobs, follow-up paper with files. stay away from run-on sentences. Get a day planner.
1. Nielsens number one program: Who wants to be a millionaire, number one network ABC. Golden Globe winners – picture: American beauty and toy story to; TV: the sopranos and sex and the city. 3. Sundance film Festival. 5. Show lists in Nevada some of: show east in NewYork all show west. 6. "Next Friday" number one movie and box office.  7. Prop person get you in TV or movie – no. 8. No union for models. 9. Commercial prints, artistic runway – three types of modeling. 10. High fashion, regular, fitness, Internet – three types of commercial prints. These are some rough notes he took for the first couple of classes. Click here to send me your decision.