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Sample Actor's Audition Form
This is a sample form that has been filled out.
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Title: London On the Rocks
Your Name: Sam Younghans
  Producer/Director: Steve Storc
Phone: 760 735-2497
Stipend or Contract: $200
Seeking: actors/dancers/singers all ages. M/F
Beginning Audition Date: July 20, 2000
Place of Audition : Theatrx - Escondido
Monolge or Reading 2 Contrasting Monologues
Appointments: None
Rehearsal Dates/times: 7/25- 9/9 at 7-11
Opening and Closing Date: Sept 10 - Oct 8
Other: Looking for a serious director with a sense of humor that knows his business and is not afraid to have fun and get the job done. One like Steve Storc.
  Notes for Performers: