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Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got the Will)
Written by Del Shores
Produced by Chris Bricker   Directed By Al Valletta

A humorus story set in a small Texas town with ordinary people dealing with the impending demise of a mentally failing father, who has misplaced his will.

"Fast...Funny...Terse...Touching..." - Hollywood Reporter

Cast List

Sara Lee Turnover
Lurlene Turnover Rogers
Mama Wheelis
Evalita Turnover
Harmony Rhodes
Buford Turnover
Orville Turnover
Marlene Turnover
Billie Padget
Diana Lee Solorzano
Dovie Goral
Kimberly Eades
Sinisha Pesic
Sam Younghans
Dave Nettleland
Kathleen Kramer

August 11th  through September 3rd
Fridays - Saturdays at 8 pm
Sunday Matinee at 2 pm

Tickets $12 ($10 for Seniors, Military and Students.)
Reservations call (760) 598-7848
At the PATH Theatre Space, 1562 Cherokee St. San Marcos

We Accept Visa & Mastercard - Group Rates Available
Wheel Chair Accessible