Words of Encouragement from Beyond and from the Present.

Some call them Blogs?

I have been blogging since I first started posting my comments in 1996. Now, Blog is the hep word. Hep was before hip for you younger people. So I am calling it both, my column, and my blog. What it take these days to be hep, hip, cool, cookoo, bad, awesome and/or what ever comes next.

This column/blog is written because of my desire to share my thoughts and experiences with my children, grand-children, and anyone who might find it informative, interesting, or plain silly. They are my thoughts and actions, as well as thoughts and actions of others.

If you are reading this, then you are probably on my web site. I started this web site in 1996 to promote a book Cancel Christmas, that was first a play, then a book and finally an animated screenplay. As time passed I began adding other topics until now it is quite large for a little home computer. I have added sites of people I know, historic items, etc. One of the sites, within my site, is about Monti Rock III (you can find out about him on his site). Besides being a performer he writes a column in Las Vegas, He sends me a copy and I post it on his web pages. Reading his column motivated me to write my column. Monti, I thank you.