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Author: David Bengtson
Subject--reincarnation and the immortal memory of life.
This book is also available in German language and in Korean language editions. See below.

Intended as an introduction to the Akashic records (the inner memory of life) my book includes a collection of example studies of past lives of famous historical figures illustrated with portrait sketches.  This book is unique as far as I know.   In the book I have included reflections on vivid (or lucid) dreams, visions, and also comments on direct memory of other lives. It represents a selection of some of my favorite past life meditation insights drawn from notes which I have collected over a number of years
I wrote Past Lives of Famous People: Journeys of the Soul because in my early twenties I would have loved to have found such a book, it is that simple; this is a work meant as a gift of learning and of experience offered to fellow students. To begin to understand the power of collective karma (the drama of life in history) we must learn to see, and to read the spiritual reality behind the scene.  The reality is that we are all in life together, history is a common property, and reincarnation is a divine truth of life.  Individual souls reincarnate on the wheel of continuity, as do family soul groups, tribes and even entire civilizations. We are all on this wheel of return.  The reality of unconscious repetition, and the powerful influence of the great spiritual archetypes in history is the theme of this book.  
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A reader from St. Louis, MO ,  
One of the very best books on Akashic Records  
This is one of the most thought provoking books that I have read in a long time. I could hardly put it down the first time I read it and I find myself returning to again and again. The material is so rich and layered that each subsequent reading offers fresh and fascinating new insights. I definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in past lives, karma and higher realities.

A reader from Long Island, NY ,
Fascinating and insightful, this book can change a life.  
This fascinating book answers numerous questions about the higher Self, soul life, and the spiritual path. Because the lives are accessible through biographies, a true understanding is gained of life purpose, choices, fame, power, and genius as the soul progresses through incarnations. The insights and higher perspective gained can change a life. This book can be the basis for years of study and meditation.

Author: David Bengtson
Subject--reincarnation and the immortal memory of life.

German: Ver war Ver, by David Bengtson, Publisher: Aquamarin Verlag, Voglherd 1, D-85567 Grafing

Korean: Past Lives of Famous People, by David Bengtson, Dosol Publishing Company, Seoul Korea

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