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  I am writing this story with hope that it may help others overcome the addictive habit of smoking. I did not plan to quit smoking, but fortunately that is what happened. I believe the process I followed can help others as it did me. I unconsciously took control and started a process that gave me the strength to become a non-smoker for over thirty-five years.

Most smokers start because of the childish notion that it makes them look grown up or important. Even worse, they want to look like one of the group. Those are reasons enough to quit right now. Why is it necessary to be part of a group of people who are slowly diminishing because of lung or heart disease caused by smoking? There is greater awareness of the health problems caused by smoking. More people are getting wise to the propaganda put out by cigarette manufacturers. More and more people are quitting everyday. So join a group of winners if you must join a group.

If that last paragraph made you angry, and you want to quit reading this book. Please, don't stop; keep reading, you need this book. I'm not trying to insult your intelligence. Just bringing to the surface all of the knowledge you already have about the adverse effects of cigarettes, but conveniently bury, as you take another puff.

At one time it was fashionable to smoke. One of the largest promotions for slow death was perpetrated by the cigarette manufacturers. Through the media, cigarettes became the most popular item in America, possibly the world. "I'd walk a mile for a Camel" was telling us something, but we didn't get it. Don't wait, kick the habit. Do it Now!    

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