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Stop Smoking

We know it kills. Not only those who do it, but those around it. Now non-smokers can go back into restaurants and breath easy. It is no longer hip to smoke. Give the kids a break, set a good example.  For some strange reason juvenile smoking is on the up swing. Evil is always there to step in when we relax, don't let it happen to our kids; make a stand, a statement, anything, but fight back.

 If you truly want to stop smoking. Then invest in this inexpensive booklet and stop while you still have breath. $15.00 plus 2.75 (tax, mailing and handling). To read part of the Story: Click: Stop and Maintain   

For $17.75 you may find yourself running on eight cylinders again. No other costs. No pills or patches. Below is the beginning of the story. It is true and it worked. It can work for you.
Send check or money order for $17.75 to:
Parsec Enterprises, 18561 Florida Street, #4013, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

 Order with your charge card.  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

To read part of the story, Click: Stop and Maintain             

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