Bob Ho

Bob Hope, Martha RayeBob Hope, George DeWitt,
Martha Raye & Betty Reilly 

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pe with Kaye Masters and Geor



Top Photo: Bob Hope with Kaye Master and George Dewitt. 
These photos were shot at the Lucerne Hotel on Miami Beach Where Diosa Costello had her Latin review, "Havana Mardi Gras."  I was the Hotel's publicity photographer, and dating one of the dancers in the show, Kaye Master.  When I saw Bob hope in the audience I went backstage and told Kaye to come out front as soon as the show was over. George Dewitt was there also, So I grabbed him and we asked Bob to pose with them. He joked all of the while I was shooting. Kaye told her he made her a nice offer. 

Martha Raye

 Bottom Photo: Betty Reilly, Martha Raye and Milos Valarde at the Lucerne Hotel Latin Review, "Havana Mardi Gras."  Martha, came to the show one night when Betty Reilly was filling in for Diosa Costello, who was on a two week Vacation.

I knew Martha through Frank Linale, who was her band leader when she had the Five-O' Clock Club on Miami Beach. When I knew Frank, he was bandleader and manager of the Vagabonds, who had a club on Biscayne Blvd. in Miami.  I remember one night, around 3:00 A.M.,  we (Frank, Bunnie, Martha, Nick Condos, who was Martha's ex-husband and myself) were at a club on Miami Beach, Martha got on the stage with Belle Barth, a really raunchy comedienne.  That was some "bit" those two did, the likes of which happens once in a lifetime.

I have other photos of her somewhere. One is with Johnny Ray


ge Dewitt. Below: Betty Reilly, Martha Raye and Milos Valarde.

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