Bob & Jackie (Jacqueline Dalya) Hilliard

Bob and Jackie Hilliard

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Bob Hilliard
Date of Birth: January 28, 1918  -  New York, New York
Date of Death: February 1, 1971 -  Los Angeles, California
Bob was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1983.
Jaqueline (Dalya) Hilliard
Date of Birth: August 3, 1918  -  New York, New York -
Date of Death: November 25, 1980  -  Los Angeles, California, USA




I met Bob and his wife Jackie in Florida in 1954. They were vacationing at a hotel on Miami Beach. I was running a yacht that was docked at the hotelís pier. The owner of the yacht invited Bob and Jackie fishing. While trolling in the Gulf Stream, Jackie and I sat on the bridge talking. We became good friends. When I brought the yacht to New York for the summer, they invited me to visit them at their home in Leonia, New Jersey. I did and we remained friends throughout their lives. They showed me New York and the night life there. Jackie came to New York frequently and picked me while she did her shopping.

When the season was over I returned to Miami Beach and didnít see them again until a few years later. I was walking down Collins Avenue on the Beach when I heard my name being called. Sammy! Sammy! Finally I located the voice in a car, driving down the street. It was Bob. He motioned me into the car and we greeted each other. He had a car phone and called Jackie. He put me on the phone with her and she wanted me to come up with Bob.

 They were staying in the Northern part of the Beach around 79th street, we were on 18th Street. They insisted that I come up to the hotel. When we got there Bob took me to the lounge, where Jackie was waiting. It was a grand reunion. The took me to the Juke box and played Bobís latest hit MOONLIGHT GAMBLER recorded by Frankie Lane.

At that time, I had a small cabin cruiser and we went fishing. They were wonderful. Each season if I was in New York I would visit them. Then I moved to San Francisco. I didnít see them for a few years. Then I moved back to New York, and while visiting some friends, I met Maria de Aragon (Later to become Greedo in "Star Wars.") During a conversation she mentioned Bob and Jackie - she was a close friend of theirs. She re-connected me to Bob, who came to New York and drove me to their home in New Jersey. They were moving, Jackie was at their new home in Hollywood. In 1969 my family (wife and two children) moved back to Northern California. Once settled, I went to Hollywood to visit Bob and Jackie.

When visiting Los Angeles, I always stayed at their home up in the hills of Hollywood. I met many interesting people there, including Shelly Winters and many musicians. I moved to Hollywood and helped Bob promote his new songs. I will always remember those days and the fun we had. I was with them till they both passed away. I have some beautiful memories of those times.




Bob Hilliard was a song writer. Among the many songs he wrote were: Our Day Will Come, Moonlight Gambler, Dear Hearts and Gentle People, Bouquet of Roses, Civilization, My little Corner of the World, and many more.
Married to Jacqueline Dalya, Hilliard was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1983.
His wife Jackie was an actress and wrote "Rolling Down the Mountain Side" which was recorded by Isaac Hayes. I first met them in Miami Beach. Click here for stories about the Hilliard's and titles of songs written by Bob Hilliard.

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Jackie (Jacqueline Dalya) Hilliard was a fantastic lady. One of her films, Gran Hotel, featured her with Cantinflas, the famous Mexican comedian, Mario Morano. She was also in Blood and Sand with Tyrone Powers, Ava Gardener and Anthony Quinn. Click here to see her film history.