Lenny Bruce- Miami Beach, Florida

Lenny Bruce

In memory of a great man!
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  Lenny Bruce  

Lenny Bruce (October 13, 1925 – August 3, 1966).

I took part of this from Wikiipedia: “He paved the way for future outspoken comedians, and his trial for obscenity, in which – after being forced into bankruptcy – he was eventually found not guilty, is seen as a landmark trial for freedom of speech in the US.”
What they don’t say is how he was busted, harassed, and cruelly treated by the police, by orders from top officials. This happened in most cities he appeared in.

We will never know who those officials are, because; officials who do these kinds of harassments are protected by a shield of the government. He was mentally and physically broken. The major reason was one word, the “F” word. He used it in a humorous way, but it shocked certain people who had political pull.

The police have many things to do besides harass comedians. The police should feel ashamed for allowing themselves to be used for political purposes. Lenny Bruce was a fellow man, and a fellow countryman. He fought for what he believed was right for the people. He truly, was one of the first to fight for freedom-of-speech.

I met Lenny Bruce in Miami Beach at the Carillon Hotel on Collins Avenue. I was a photographer for the Deauville Hotel just south of the Carillon. I dated a girl who danced at the Carillon, named Kaye. Lenny, also dated a girl in the show, who was close friends with Kaye. Her name was Joyce; she also was a centerfold model for Playboy Magazine.

When Lenny was in town, the four of us would go out after their show. We usually went to one of the lounges in on one of the nearby Hotels. Lenny taught us how to do the Hucklebuck. I liked Lenny, he was a nice person, and I never heard him say the “F” word while we were out.

Why can’t the press be allowed to state things as they really are? Truth is a tough item for those in the political world, who fought, cheated, lied, and stole to get there. Why do we want those kinds of people leading us?

The following people all had connections to each other through Lenny, but some did not know each other:

Roy Alfred - I met Roy through his son, Spike who was working in Bob Hilliard's recording studio. Roy wrote "The Hucklebuck Song." Lenny Bruce taught me how to dance the Hucklebuck.
Bob Hilliard - I met Bob and his wife, Jackie, in Miami on a yacht. Bob wrote many hit songs: Dear Hearts, Enchanted People, In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket, Our Day will Come, Moonlight Gambler, to name a few. He, also, wrote a few songs with Roy Alfred.
Maury Hayden I met Maury in Toronto, Canada, while on a photography assignment for RCA Records, shooting the  "Lighthouse," A rock group out of Ontario. Maury was friends with Lenny Bruce, Skip Prokop of the Lighthouse, and Richie Havens.
Jo Jo d'Amore - I met Jo Jo in Los Angeles. He was an actor, and owned a limousine service. He knew Maury Hayden, and was close to Lenny Bruce and his mother, Sally. Jo JO was with Lenny when he died.
Sy Kramer - I met Sy in New York at a party. He knew Lenny, and was close to Sally, Lenny's mother.  He wrote a great act for Paula, my wife at the time, who was singing in a club on second avenue and 56th Street.

Alll of the above people came into my life at different times and in diffeent places. Sometimes it was by chance that we learned we knew others connected to Lenny.


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