Mario Moreno (Cantinflas)
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Cantinflas, Gran Hotel, Bob & Jackie (Jacqueline Dalya) Hilliard

Bob & Jackie (Dalya) Hilliard  

Bob Hilliard was a song writer. Among the many songs he wrote were: Our Day Will Come, Moonlight Gambler, Dear Hearts and Gentle People, Bouquet of Roses, Civilization, My little Corner of the World, and many more. His wife Jackie was an actress and wrote "Rolling Down the Mountain Side" which was recorded by Isaac Hayes. I first met them in Miami Beach. Click here for stories about the Hilliard's and titles of songs written by Bob Hilliard.


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Jackie (Jacqueline Dalya) Hilliard was a fantastic lady. One of her films, Gran Hotel, featured her with Cantinflas, the famous Mexican comedian, Mario Moreno. She was also in Blood and Sand with Tyrone Powers, Ava Gardener and Anthony Quinn. Click here to see her film history.