Sammy Davis at the
  Sammy Davis Jr.
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 Sammy Davis Jr. at the Circle Star Theatre


 First met Sammy Davis Jr. at the Circle Star Theatre in San Francisco, California. I was the artist relations person who greeted the artist, showed them around the theatre, took them to dinner, and made sure that they were happy. Sammy and I did not hit it off too well in the beginning, but when I moved to Los Angeles, we became friends. 

Donjo Medlivine and I were at Sammy's Father's home in Hollywood. Sammy's Father loved fishing. I had done a lot of fishing in my time, so we had a great talk.  Sammy stopped by for a visit and stayed for dinner.  We got to know each other and I saw a lot of Sammy and his wife Altovise after that. He is part of the stories I am putting into my bookMore will appear here in the future

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Circle Star Theatre