Dee Dee Warwick

Dee Dee Warwick
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I just heard the sad news that Dee Dee passed away on October 18, 2008.  She was a great person and a great singer. I have a tape of her and her sister, Dionne, singing together at the Hope Church in New Jersey.  We connected by phone about two years ago. She was living in New Jersey at the time and we talked about our old times together.  I have a tape we made, demonstrating a game she designed - Peaches and something. When I find the tape I will correct the title.

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I met Dee Dee Warwick at the Circle Star Theatre in San Francisco area. She was with her sister, Dionne and Donjo Medlivine. Dionne's husband, Bill Elliot was with Dionne and we used to play pinochle between shows. Dionne was a great lady. It was fun being with her. When I met Dee Dee, we hit it off right away. We had a lot in common. A few months later,  we were in Mexico City together. She was performing at The Mari Isabella Hotel and I was there as a coordinator. Dee Dee and I gave Mexico City a good time. 

Dee Dee passed away.
I am sure she is at peace.
God Bless Her. *



Born September 25, 1945 in New Jersey
Died October 18, 2008 - I will miss her.

 Delia Mae (Dee Dee) Warwick has always sung in the shadow of her older sister, Dionne Warwick, but she has created a body of work that holds up well decades later. Her first record on the Jubilee label, "You're No Good",
       In 1964 Warwick signed with Mercury Records' Blue Rock subsidiary and, with production handled by Ed Townsend, recorded a spate of finely crafted songs, notably "We're Doing Fine" (number 28 R&B). After switching to the parent label in 1966 she reached the charts with "I Want To Be With You" (number 9 R&B, number 41 pop), which was taken from the Broadway musical Golden Boy, and "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" (number 13 R&B, number 88 pop), which was remade the following year with much greater success in the pop market by Madelaine Bell and much later by a united Supremes/Temptations group. Warwick moved to Atco Records in 1970 and was produced in Miami by Dave Crawford, achieving chart success with "She Didn't Know (She Kept On Talking)" (number 9 R&B, number 70 pop) and a remake of "Suspicious Minds" (number 24 R&B, number 80 pop). "Get Out Of My Life" was her last chart record in 1975.