Marlene Dietrich a true, rare, Patriot

Marlene Dietrich
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I feel very fortunate to have met Marlena Dietrich. She is with out a doubt one of the most courageous, honest, patriotic woman that this country or any country will ever see. She left Germany because of her hatred for Hitler and what he was doing, long before America would accept or believe that he was a monster. Hitler started a propaganda campaign against her, telling the German people that she wasn't talking about the Nazis, but abut the German people. When the United States entered the war, she left her career behind and was there in a GI uniform to help in the way she knew best. She was one of the first civilians to enter Germany at the end of the war. She saw, first hand, the horror of the concentration camps. She spent the rest of her life telling people in her songs of the stupidity of War. If only our politicians had that kind of dedications to this country and the people in it.

 I met Marlene Dietrich through her manager, John Anderson. She was staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Not long after meeting her, I saw this photo in a curio shop on Sunset Boulevard. I bought it. She said that she did not remember when or where it was taken. She liked it, so we had 500 copies made for her. 

At the time I didn't know all of the facts about her during World War II. I was in awe and felt honored to be close to her and to talk to her. Had I known more about her, I would probably Have kissed her feet. I'm glad that I found that photo.