David Huddleston, Elayne Blythe, Eve Brent, Mike Ash,  Socrates Ballis

Elayne Blythe

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Elayne Blythe

Film Advisory Board

Elayne Blythe, founder and president of the Film Advisory Board, died January 28, 2005 in Los Angeles of natural causes. She was 85.

Blythe formed the Film Advisory Board in 1975 to promote quality entertainment for children and families, working with grassroots organizations to promote the FAB's goals.

Her FAB rating system was used by some video and TV producers to provide content ratings in addition to or instead of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings.

She also produced celebrity tributes, including those for Ted Turner, Mickey Rooney and Liza Minnelli, and wrote film reviews. The Film Advisory Board's Award of Excellence seal has appeared on many family film

In 1986 FAB gave an award of Excellence to David Huddleston for the role of Santa Claus in the 1985 film "Santa Claus" with Burgess Meredith, John Lithgow, Dudley Moore and Judy Cornwell. I snapped this photo in the FAB offices in the building on Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea Ave. Mike and Eve (Brent) Ashe were visiting me at the time, so, Socrates Ballis and the Ashes were put into the picture. In 1980, Eve Brent won the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films' Saturn Award for Best Supporting actress in "Fade To Black." Among her many roles, she was Jane in two Tarzan films with Gordon Scott as Tarrzan.


From left: David Huddleston, Elayne Blythe, Eve (Brent) Ashe, Mike Ashe, Son of the Landlord, Socrates Ballis

star  Elayne Blythe awarding David Huddleston the Film Advisory Board Honor Plaque.
Photo by Sam Younghans



Elayne Blythe was a wonderful woman. She was many things and had done many things. Anyone who could claim half as much of the things she has done would be a very busy person. I knew her from the early seventies. We became good friends. I helped her with her struggle to keep the Film Advisory Board active. I had one of the first computers in Hollywood and we used it to help organize FAB. I also did most of the photography at that time.

Jack Valenti was always trying to discredit her because of her pursuit for family films, it caused Valenti more work, and he only had that position because of certain reasons and could really care less about the ratings or the people. His influence was enough to keep her from gaining her goal of making it an official rating organization, but it didn't stop her. she made it work. We did presentation dinners, went to previews of films, talked to all of the people in the industry. She made it happen, and the Film Advisor Board is the only other offical rating organization.

Many people respected her and her goals. Betty Davis was a good friend as were many of the other stars of the past and the present. Elayne and I went to many priemiers and previews. we did promotions and Public relations along with the fun and work involved in putting together the awards dinners. Some of the dinners were at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  She wanted to help and she had to struggle to accomplish her goals.


Left to right: Sam Younghans, Elayne Blythe, Torre Younghans
I will never forget her.