Faith Dane
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Faith Dane
Mazeppa in Gypsy

Faith Dane
From Gypsy with Jude the Obscurable
From an article in the "Improv." Click here.

A PDF file showing a poster about Faith's appearance at the IMPROV. 

November 10

Perenial D.C.mayoral candidate Faith, AKA Faith Dane, creator and performer of the original "bump it with a trumpet" routine from the Broadway show and movie "Gypsy" is performing her Comedic Campaign Cabaret at the DC Improv on November 10 @ 8 pm.

The show, dubbed a fund-raiser for a FAITH-Lift for her Presidential bid, provides a format for her to present herself as a running mate for the democratic presidential candidates and they are all being invited. The show features a variety of pantomime, calypso, satire and early ebonic translations of Lord Buckley's three miracles of Jesus- "THE NAZ" and "The Gettysburg Address." She also does a rollerskating turn and an uncanny impression of Charlie Chaplin. Included in the show is a video of Faith blowing her horn for President Clinton for his farewell address to DC. She performs with her partner Jude, a fine jazz musician who seems to be rebelling against her "schtick," and has been performing frequent bookings with his own jazz quartet.

The movie "Gypsy" in which she is featured is being shown on November 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Library of Congress' Mary Pickford Theater where Faith has been invited to speak and perform by the Library of Congress' Sam Serafy.

Faith has had a long history in show business and says, "name it and I've played it." She is now endeavoring to enlist Bud Freidman the father of the Improv to join her throughout all of the Improv Comedy Clubs to announce her candidacy-both seriously and comedicly. Faith hopes to inspire all of the Improvs to do comedy and variety outreach in their clubs giving access and training to schools and senior centers as part of a mechanism she has created called STARS WAR.

STARS WAR is the reactivation and reformation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Executive Arts Order here in the District of Columbia. Of STARS WAR DC. Senator Florence Pendleton states, "Under the supervision and active participation of the nation's leading artists and stars, the infrastructure of a new inter-cultural state will emerge with year round performances and classes, utilizing public buildings, niteclubs and courtrooms after 5, held daily with the involvement of the superstars themselves-thereby bringing a brand new economically fruitful tourism-making DC, the inter-cultural arts capital of the world-A VATICAN OF THE ARTS." Faith says, "STARS WAR contains the DNA for a new Independent government."

Faith considers herself an Evangelist for the Arts and believes the Messiah will appear through the hearts of the arts-here in DC through the unification of its citizens..! As part of her "Now testament" she is promoting tithing in the streets (making various clergypersons irate).

On the streets and in political circles she has been known as the Cannabis Candidate-but when asked about it she pleads the fifth. She says "I've suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous journalists-they've called me a stripper!. I've never stripped in my life." ... " I started off naked" !!

After playing clubs from D.C., Arlington, New York, Puerto Rico, Saint Croix and Los Angeles her reviews have got to pique the interest of a truely exotic cultural and political cross-section... "Her hair was like an electrified brillo pad"... and.."If you like buzz saws you should listen to her sing"...(L.A. Times) and the washington Post's Eric Brace wrote " You've never seen anything like it !!