Frank Sinatra & Harry Guardino
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 I first met Frank Sinatra at a club called Nicky Blair's on Sunset Boulevard through Harry Guardino

When I moved to LA, to work the Valley Music Theatre, I often met Harry in Nicky Blair's. One night we were sitting at the bar, Harry was talking about Frank Sinatra, seems he was mad at him about something. Someone tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around; it was Frank Sinatra. 

He joined us at the bar and Harry introduced us. He was very friendly and it seemed he was trying to get Harry to do something. We sat there for a couple of hours. Nicky, brought his latest girlfriend over to meet Frank, and then the next thing we knew we were surrounded by people, trying to look important.

I don't know if Harry complied with Frank, but it was a nice experience for me. I had another experience with Frank, at the Circle Star Theatre some years later. I will put that story on here one day.

I first met his pal, Jilly, in New York through Barbara Lacy, owner of a club next to Carnegie Hall, and then later,  in Palm Springs, while visiting Pat Henry, a comedian who often opened Frank's Shows.

One day I was at Pat's place, swimming in his pool, when Jilly stopped by. Jilly and Frank, had just returned from Italy. He told us some funny stories that happened over there. He told us Frank flew his favorite chef from LA in to Italy. Seems no one made pasta like this chef.

Renowned   P.J. Clarke's Patron
"Owner" of Table 20
Extremely Generous Tipper

Would cruise New York City bars starting at Sardi's, a stop at Jilly's, then on to Jimmy Weston's, stopping at Mike Manuche's, but always ending up at P.J. Clarke's

"Those urinals!" he was once heard to joyfully exclaim. "You could stand Abe Beame in one of them and have room to spare."

Sam's note: I never met Frank Sinatra at PJ's, but that was my favorite hangout in New York City. I met many other people there, but not Frank.