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I met Harry at the Circle Star Theatre when he was visiting one of the acts. He knew Al Torrieri and the three of us used to sit at the bar during some of the shows and talk. He came up to Al's Ranch when I was living there - we used to visit the Sonoma Cheese Factory in the city of Sonoma.

When I moved to LA to work the Valley Music Theatre I often met Harry in Nicky Blair's on Sunset Blvd. One night we were sitting at the bar, Harry was talking about Sinatra, seems he was mad at him about something. Someone tapped him on the shoulder and we we turned around; it was Frank Sinatra.

He joined us at the bar and Harry introduced us. He was very friendly and it seemed he was trying to get Harry to do something. We sat there for a couple of hours. Nicky brought his latest girlfriend over to meet Frank, and then the next thing we knew we were surrounded by people trying to look important.

I don't know if Harry complied with Frank, but it was a nice experience for me. I had another experience with Frank at the Circle Star Theatre some years later. I will put that story into the Frank Sinatra page one day.

The last time I saw Harry was at his house in Palm Springs. I met his beautiful wife, who was very charming.

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