Kaye Master
Dancer/ Actress
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Kaye, with a group from the Deauville Hotel.
First met Don Rickles there. He was playing in the lounge.



  * She was a wonderful person, who loved dancing. She was working at the Lucerne Hotel in the Diosa Costella show when I met her. I was the photographer for the publicity department of the hotel. Took the photo on the diving board at the hotel. We were friends and dated regularly for a number of years. Later she danced in the show at the Carillon Hotel. Her girlfriend, Joyce Nizzari, a "Playboy" model, also danced in the show.  Joyce dated Lenny Bruce. We used to double date. Lenny taught me the Hucklebuck. Joyce is standing behind Hugh Hefner in the photo below.

Kaye was in a few movies, one of them was the Jerry Lewis' film "Bell Boy". I was also in it. Other stories. In 1961, I moved to California and lost track of her. Where are you Kaye?


Some shots I took for the Lucerne Hotel.