Mitzi Gaynor
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Mitzi Gaynor

I Shot this photo at the Valley Music Theatre in Woodland Hills, CA in 1973. I was the Artist Relations person at the theater. She was a sweet, wonderful lady.

In 1973 - 74 Marquee Enterprises bought the Valley Music Theater and produced Las Vegas style shows. Mitzi Gaynor, Sammy Davis Jr., Sandler and Young, Ike and Tina Turner, Johnny Carson, Woody Allen, Don Rickles, Jim Croce were some of the ones I remember. I worked for Marquee Enterprises as their artist relations person and personally took care of all their needs, including driving them to and from the theater. I have fond memories of those times.

At that time, I drove a Phantom 5, Rolls Royce Limo with right hand driving. Mitzi and her husband, Jack Bean, sat in front with me every trip, to and from the theater. They were both grand people. Those moments were some of the highlights of that time for me. I recently moved back into the LA area (Glendale). If Mitzi ever needs a right hand man, with show biz savvy, I would be happy to be that person for her. I am still very active, teaching drama and promoting my play/book "Cancel Christmas", but I would drop everything to help Mitzi. I have been offered that position from others, but did not want to drop my life to do it.

One night, Ross Hunter, a producer, who just premiered his latest production, Lost Horizons, gave a lavish party back stage after Mitzi’s show at the Valley Music Theater.  Lucille Ball, her husband, Gary Morton, Sid Gould, William Shatner, Pearl Bailey and others I can’t recall, attended and were in the green room after the show. Sid, a stand-up comedian, and I were old friends from Miami Beach Days, so we took a long walk around the perimeter of the theater and recalled old times.

As much as I enjoyed watching Mitzi Gaynor perform, I will always remember how wonderful they both were on our rides to and from the theater.