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Sonny Shroyer

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I don't know what happened to this photo; it may have been in the sun. I don't know how or when it faded, but Sonny signed this photo, so I like it.*



  I met Sonny through Elayne Blythe, president of the Film Advisory Board.  Sonny came into her office one day and he lit up the room with his warm attitude and smile.  I was performing at Gio's, a club on Sunset Blvd. near Curson.  One night he and Elayne came in and stayed for drinks after the show.  I  went to see him in a play at the Beverly Hills playhouse. He was very good. I left Hollywood and lost touch with him. He was great to be around.  
  HI Sonny:
I just read you are in a new production (FAST,) so you must be in town. I Have moved back to Los Angeles and would like to catch up with you. I am living in Glendale.
Sonny, if you read this, Please contact me. This contact form works.
Here is a link to his personal site.


Here is another Link to a Sonny Shroyer site!


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