Photos of Sergio Mendes, Brazil 77 and Stevie Wonder and Sam Younghans @ The Troubador


Stevie Wonder and Sergio Mendes
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Stevie and Sam

Sam & Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, Sergio Mendes,  & Sam

  I met Sergio Mendes and Stevie Wonder, in the early seventies, at the Circle Star Theatre near San Francisco. The photos below were taken at the Troubadour Club in West Hollywood.

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Sergio Mendes to Brazil

Nokia organizes the biggest New Year celebration in the world, with parties in five large cities.

After 28 years away from the Brazilian scene, Sergio Mendes will play in the Rio party, where other artists, such as Black Eyed Peas, DJ Marlboro, among others artists.

Date: December 31
Time: from 7 pm on
Place: Ipanema Beach / Posto 8
Address: Avenida Vieira Sout, s/n
Admission: Free

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Sergio Mendes and Brazil 77                                       Sam and Sergio Mendes

Bonnie Bowden Is the pretty lady.
This photo was taken backstage at the Troubadour around 1978. 34 years
later (Last week, 04/04/2012), At a black tie gala, for the 40th anniversary

of the Jeffery Foundation, Bonnie was singing with the the Ochestra. When
Bonnie was introduced, it was said that she worked with Sergio and Stevie.
During a break, I introduced myself; we discovered we were together at the
Circle Star Theatre near San Franisco and at The Troubadour in Hollywood. The
next day I went through piles of photos and papers and found the proof sheet
from that night at the Troubadour. To Bonnie's web site CLICK HERE.


My Time with Sergio Mendes

When Sergio appeared at the Circle Star Theatre, I was the Artist Relations person for the theatre. Had a great time with him and his band members; they all enjoyed a good time.
          Don Lewis, the sound man for the Circle Star Theatre, left the theatre to work for Sergio on his world tour.  When I was working at the Valley Music Theatre in Woodland Hills, I frequently visited Don and Sergio at Sergio's home.  Brought a couple of singers to his studio when Sergio was looking for some new talent. 
Bonnie & Stevie
           When Sergio was playing at the Troubadour in Hollywood, I went to his rehearsal to visit them.  Heard that Stevie Wonder had just returned off tour; Sergio and Stevie had a record together.  I called Stevie and invited him to the Troubadour to come to the club to visit Sergio.
         I first met Stevie at the Circle Star Theatre. One day I took him to San Francisco which was about 25 minutes North of the Circle Star. He attended a gathering at a theatre, can't remember the exact area, but I do remember the delicious Soul food we ate afterwards.Bonnie, Gracinha 
         Stevie was always accompanied by someone from his staff, except for one time during that day,  when I was the only one with him. We were sitting in the theatre and people were asking for his autograph. He told me to sign them for him. I held the pen and he put his hand on mine and we signed autographs. I guess they are as authentic as you can get. Of course I signed his name. 
         That evening, before Sergio's show, I met Sergio and his band in the back of the Troubadour, told him about Stevie and asked him to get us some good seats, since he had more clout than I had. He said, "Sam, I should make you my promoter." 
           The above photos were taken upstairs in the dressing rooms after the show. Needless to say, thanks to Sergio, we had the best seats in the house

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A Denny Dent portrait of Stevie Wonder, painted live at a Soul Train Show. It measures 4' 6" wide by 5' 10" High.