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Sam Younghans
The stars on these pages are ones I have been personally connected with, either through jobs or personal friends. This is a work in progress that will take some time to complete. I add to it as time allows.  Sam's Movie Credits  -  Read Sam's Column             
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    This Rolls Royce - Phantom V was used to entertain and transport the artists to and from the theatre and to dinner afterwards. That is me, Sam Younghans, leaning on the "Rolls" in my early Hollywood days. I was the artist's relation person for Marquee Enterprises and companion to the owner,  Donjo Medlevine. Harold Rubin and I are paying tribute to Donjo Medlevine, who was also the owner of the "Chez Paree", Chicago's most famous nite club. Click here, for a trip to the "CHEZ".
SHORT NOTE: Once, when the limo was in the shop, I borrowed a limo from Ed Brown, Don Ho's manager. The limo was a beautiful Mercedes and the person I was driving to the Valley Music Theater in Woodland Hills was Johnny Carson, who was appearing there. When he saw the limo he wanted to drive it. For the ten days he performed there, Johnny Carson drove me to and from the theater. I also held his clothes in the aisle for his quick changes.

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