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The Lighthouse in Toronto, Canada.
This shot was taken in Toronto, before their performance in Carnegie Hall. 
  RCA sent me to Toronto to photograph their recent discovery, The group, Lighthouse. They were doing a gig in Toronto, then going to New York. I stayed with Skip Prokop, who was the drummer and one of the organizers of the group. Paul Hoffert, the other organizer, Ralph Cole, Pinky Dauvin and Grant Fullerton were the rock nucleus of the thirteen piece group. They were a great group of guys. I spent a lot of time with them in New York. Stories about Carnegie Hall, New York and Atlantic City (August 3, 1969), along with more photos will be forthcoming.  

 Recording with the Lighthouse in Toronto, Canada

to, C
Paul Hoffert 

See the Lighthouse Band today.
They are still making that great music,
and many of the original group are still with them.

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Howard Shore - Sax, Flute & Trumpet -Recording in Toronto Canada

Howard received an Academy Award for writing the movie score for The Lord of the Rings


HShoreOscar.jpg (8180 bytes)
Howard Shore at the Academy Awards. He received a couple more Oscars. Congratulation, Howard. I took this photo from his site. Click here to go to his site. 


Paula Samonte
Sam, Paula, Skip and his wife.

The band members

Ralph Cole (Guitar, V) The Thyme, Grant Fullerton (B, V), Paul Hoffert (Keyboard, Vibes), Skip Prokop (Drums, V) The Paupers, Pinky Dauvin (Lead Vocalist, Percussion), Don Dinovo (Violin, Viola), Ian Guenther (Violin), Don Whitton (Cello), Leslie Schneider (Cello), Freddy Stone (Trumpet, Fluglehorn), Arnie Chycoski (Trumpet, Fluglehorn), Howard Shore (Alto Sax), Russ Little (Trombone)

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