Photos of Celebrities, Actors, Comedians,
Singers and Dancers
that I knew or worked with.

F      star
Falano, Lola
Farrell, Mike
Fields, Totie

Film Advisory Board

Fiock, Charles H.

Fisher, Eddie
Fonda, Jane
Fontane, Frankie
Ford, Gerald
Ford, Paul
Franchi, Sergio

Fritz, Ken
Frye, Virgil
Funicello, Annette

G                star
Garland, Judy
Garnett, Tay
Guardino, Harry
Gaynor, Mitzi
George, Chris
Germano, Dom
Gibson, Harry (the Hipster)
Gilbey, Brad

Gillesppe, Dizzy
Godfrey, Arthur

Goldberg, Whoopie
Gould, Oscar
Gould, Sid
Grable, Betty
Graham, Billy
Gran Hotel
Grateful Dead
Garrcia, Jerry
Graziano, Rocky
Greene, Shecky
Grey, Joel
Griffin, Merv