In Memory of Donjo Medlevine
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Maxwell Street Blues

The Chez Paree
The Main Room

A tribute to Chicago's famous supper club and Donjo Medlevine, one of the owners. We are searching for any stories, photos or memorabilia relating to Donjo Medlevine and the "Chez Paree." If you have anything you would like to submit, or, if you have any questions about the Chez Paree, we will post them, and add any answers that are submitted. click here for a contact form.


Post Cards from 610 N. Fairbanks, Chicago, IL

Tropical Circle 


Gold Key Room

Sam Younghans

More about Sam

Harold Rubin

More about Harold


Harold Rubin and Sam Younghans are paying tribute to Donjo Medlevine, one of the owners of the Chez Paree.  After the close of the "Chez Paree" Donjo owned Marquee Enterprises, who had theatres in San Francisco (Circle Star Theatre), Chicago (Mill Run Theatre), Los Angeles (Valley Music Theatre) and Miami (Sunrise Theatre). Our stories as well as yours will be posted here. 
     In the Celebrity Pages are many people that worked for Donjo. I will link to them as his stories are told. 

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