The Chez Paree

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In Memory of Donjo Medlevine


Mari Bell - 1935

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The Chez Paree Adorables

Barbara McDonald - 1934

Blade Cella, Peggy
Daughter of a "Chez Paree Adorable"

My mother, Jean Kennelly Blade, and her sister, Jeanette Kennelly Kroch, were Chez Paree Adorables. We were so excited to find your website and we have many pictures to share for your website. These pictures include all of the Adorables in some of the finest costumes. 
p.s. my father, Jimmy Blade, was a pianist at the Camelia House in the Drake Hotel in Chicago. He lead the finest orchestra that Chicago enjoyed dancing to. 

Peggy Cella

JIMMY BLADE MEMORIES. A long search regarding accomplished pianist Jimmy Blade has revealed an audio tape recorded at the W.M.A.Q. radio studio in 1948. I just received the recording...only 15 minutes in duration...sponsored by the Chicago Motor Club.

Jimmy Blade was married to Jean of the Chez Paree Adorables during the 40's. Jean's twin sister...Jeanette Kennelly also appeared as a Chez Adorable...and  were known as the Kennelly twins.  The Chez floor show was the ultimate in the annals of Chicago nightlife. Just north of the Chez was the Drake Hotel where Jimmy Blade was known for his memorable piano artistry in the Camelia Room...along with his orchestra of renown throughout Chicago.
          This particular tape is a scarcity...and very little of Jimmy Blade's orchestra  recordings exist today. He was a maestro of the era...and Chicago's entertainment. I wish to thank Pat McCoy for providing me with this treasure trove.
Harold Rubin



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