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* The Chez Paree Adorables Page: Photos & Items submitted by friends and relatives of the Adorables.

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1934 Menu
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Unknown Mother & Daughter
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Drake Hotel
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Autographed by
Nat Cole
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The Chez Paree Adorables
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LOUIE PRIMA...Primo style and entertainment...appearing with Keely Smith at the Chez in the late 50's. Louie inspired by Jazz greats...King Oliver and Louie Armstrong...formed a group called the New Orleans Gang' and was moving up in the entertainment world. He was an accomplished composer...writing 'Boogie in Chicago'...'Alone'...'Rythm on the Radio'...and a host of other synchopatin' songs. He teamed up with Keely Smith in 1948...were married...and were considered one of the hottest acts during the next decade in Chicago and Las Vegas. They made an inimitable, dynamic and zany duo...having captured Grammy's in 1958 for their rendition of...'That Old Black Magic'...always a hit...always a favorite of audiences far and wide.
Harold Rubin 

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THE 'SCHNOZ' OF STAGE AND SCREEN...appears on this Chez promo photo matt. Various entertainers starring at the Chez often appeared on the front of these promos...and when opened...photos taken of patrons were slipped in the inside matt as a rememberance of an entertaining and enjoyable visit. I have included the souvenir photo...an interesting bit of 50's nostalgia. Looks as if the young lady is out on the town celebrating an eventful birthday or graduation...joined by her look-a-like mom. Having been a collector of ephenera over the years...one wonders how photographs such as these find their way outside the family album of memories. Nevertheless...it would be more than interesting to discover just who these people were...enjoying an evening out on the town with the always entertaining Jimmy Durante.  In true Durante tradition... GOOD NIGHT MRS. CALABASH WHEREVER YOU ARE.

Harold Rubin
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