Harold Rubin's
Chez Paree Photos

I am deeply sorry to say that Harold passed away on January 27, 2007. He was a great guy, who believed in the truth and fought for it. I will miss him.

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Harold Rubin's
Chez Paree Memorabilia

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The Chez Paree Adorables Page: Photos & Items submitted by friends and relatives of the Adorables.

Carol & Harold


Jimmy Durante, Harold & Donjo

 Harold, Carol & Donjo
 Harold, Carol & Chez Adorable

 Harold & Red Buttons

. Adorable

Carol, Harold & Luis Prima. This photo was snapped between acts at the Chez... our evening of entertainment and dining...compliments of our gracious host Donjo.
Harold Rubin .

So Long Harold, We will miss you.


Research is always rewarding. I strive to learn something new and fascinating each and every day in terms of Chicago history...or for that matter...history of a related nature.
While bouncing about on the net...I discovered a tidbit regarding another Chez Paree nightclub...this one being in Carter Lake, Iowa...of all places.
The bio was written by Brian Beerman...well written with a wealth of information. Omaha was well known for its major bookmaking operations during the Twentieth Century...including illicit liquor trade...red light districts...and a multitude of 'Mob hits'...some as you well might know...never solved.
Eddie Barrick...an influential and leading layoff bookie...had many contacts...including Meyer Lansky...Mickey Cohen...Frank Costello and scores of other nefarious Mob guys.
Barrick and his partner Sam Ziegman held an interest in the Chez Paree gambling casino located in  Carter Lake, Iowa...which catered to all those who wished to 'drop' their money at the tables...during the 30's and 40's.
Harold Rubin - Chicago Legends




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