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An exquisite publicity photograph taken by famed Chicago photographer Maurice Seymour. The obverse of the photograph bears her name in addition to...appearing at the Chez Paree. It seems to have been taken during the late 30's or early 40's and research thus far...has not turned up anything as to her stage career. Perhaps one of the many who visit this site may have a revealing answer.

Harold Rubin - CHICAGO LEGENDS archives 

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These photo were submitted by Harold Rubin

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SOPHIE TUCKER..The First Lady of Show Business entertains you on this Mercury 45 EP record label...recorded during an enthusiastic standing room only at the Chez Paree...recalling all the memories and nostalgia of each of these familiar songs that she has introduced and made famous during her fabulous career. Sophie...dynamic as ever...having performed at cabarets and the world's smartest night clubs for over 50 years...bringing her international fame. She entertains you with Margie, Waiting for the Robert E. Lee...Some of These Days and Nobody Loves a Fat Girl on this Mercury label recorded during the 50's. Sophie won the hearts of everyone...whenever and wherever she performed. 
Harold Rubin - CHICAGO LEGENDS archives 


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