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Donjo Medlevine Stories
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DONJO I remember him...Chicago's Ambassador of extraordinary friend.

by Harold Rubin

He was the dynamic impresario of Chicago's icon among business, social and political circles. Imitable, distinguished...impeccably attired...always having a congenial smile whenever dining at the Chez, Fritzel's or Eli's.
The era of the 50' a young man...Donjo took me under his wing...a mentor so to speak...opening a world so few at my age get to experience
The photo of Donjo, Jimmy Durante and me which appears here is one of my most treasured. Taken in the Gold Key Club of the Chez...Durante appearing with his infamous trademark cigar. The famed Gold Key Club was a sublime inner sanctum for stars, business moguls...and Chicago's movers and shakers...where deals were done on a handshake...over sumptuous cuisine and Scotch on the rocks.  It was from the Gold Key Club where Jack Eigan's radio broadcasts and interviews with top flight entertainers were heard throughout Chicago land.
The Chez Paree was a renown for its top flight star entertainment...and lavish shows featuring the Chez Adorables.
I had the pleasure of enjoying and meeting Jimmy Durante, Sophie Tucker, Sammy Davis, Louie Prima and Keeley Smith, Mickey Rooney, Tony Martin, Red Skelton and scores of other stars of entertainment.
It was a era...when stars were truly stars in their own realm. A bygone era...never to be repeated. The memories remain not only with myself...but the countless people who were entertained over the years.
Harold Rubin 


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