The Chez Paree

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In Memory of Donjo Medlevine

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Jimmy Durante            Harold Rubin          Donjo Medlevine

Three great singers who performed at the Chez Paree 

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TONY BENNETT RELAXIN' AT THE CHEZ appearing on the cover of Columbia's release...Tony's Greatest taken at the Chez Paree circa 1950's. 
     The incomparable and legendary Tony Bennett...spanning 40 years of Jazz and Pop music...having coveted 12 Grammy Awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award...dedicated his latest Grammy win to the late singer and friend Rosemary Clooney.
      Bennett got his first big break with the one and only Pearl Bailey...eventually teaming with Count Basie...creating a legendary career style with other greats including  Louie 'Satchmo' Armstrong. His repertory is forever classic...having perfected songs of the Jazz and Pop era...and still appearing in his 70's...ever so popular among a wider audience of fans than ever.
       His appearance at the Chez Paree...a milestone intertwined with fond memories. 
Harold Rubin - CHICAGO LEGENDS archives


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