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Corelli was Queen Victoria's favorite novelist
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  1. Rosa María Sánchez Riobó rosa.riobo@uca.es Cadiz,   Spain
    I would like to receive as much information as possible about Marie Corelli's works. Thanks a lot. Contact me through my e-mail, rosa.riobo@uca.es  

  2. Joya (Joyce) Ann Morris joya422@yahoo.com SE Albuquerque, NM 
    I need to contact anyone living near Stratford England that has an interest in Marie Corelli. Would be interested in communicating with anyone from England who believes in reincarnation. I have a degree in painting but presently am starting a book. I have traveled to England as a girl.   Am currently starting to do research on Marie Corelli. She was way ahead of her time and needs to be recognized. I don't think she was given the credit that she deserves, such as, what she did for Stratford. She was known by many important people of that time and no one knows of her (unless you happen to live in England). 

  3. Marie Corelli  
    MT MTe2822425@aol.com ,   U K
      I have recently come across correspondence "to and from"M C including a signed copy of "The Passing of the Great Queen"  as a present to "Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of ******.Remember the "after death writings" from Dorothy, which everyone poo-hood"  I have correspondence "to and from Dot" in the early 1900/s.
    Anyone interested!!! 

  4. OGUH, JOHN C oguhjohnc@yahoo.com  c/o isashi postal agency, iyana-isashi,
    ojo, , lagos 23401 NIGERIA
     dear corelli,
      i have read one of your works "sorrow of satan". it was a beautiful peice. it thought me to be conscious of having money by all means. it makes me to be self-contained. could you please send me some of your other works like-soul of lilith, vendetta, and even sorrows of satan. this is because these books are scarce and difficult to procure in nigeria. we have a growing fan of marie corelli work. i am equally ready to market your works here in nigeria. regards, oguh, john c


  6. foong foong144@yahoo.com   hatyai 90110 thailand

  7. christine Manning chris@willywinks.fsnet.co.uk  Ferndown, Dorset BH22 9PF England
      I have access to 13 Maria Corelli Books, including Barabas.  All in good condition.  I am willing to sell them if the price is right. would you be able to give me an approximate valuation.  I realise you cannot give me a firm value without viewing.
    regards christine Manning

  8. Email address is not valid.  Lere Shakunle shakunle    shakunle@mmm704.vwh1.net, Berlin , Berlin 10407 Germany
           I read, among others, the works by Marie Corelli in my literary formative years in Nigeria. - The works I read are: The Life Everlasting, The Soul of Lilith, Vendetta, Temporal Power, A Romance of Two Worlds and The Secret Power.
    I still have all of them in Nigeria. I shall be ready to donate them to a Library with my name on them as the donor. I can't part with them without my stamp on them.

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