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November 4, 2013

1. Andrew M. Skeels, Sanford, Florida USA
Leaf blowers should be banned due to several health reason. All the filth and contagion that is deposited on the sidewalks and driveways/streets on a daily basis belongs there on the ground until it is swept up. Not blown back into the atmosphere only to be breathed in to our lungs causing severe respiratory illnesses that can cause death to many people. Blowers kick up dehydrated spores that grow in your lungs. Spores from feces, urine, spit, black mold, decaying garbage and many more nasty things. If everyone would sweep their areas and deposit the crap in a trash can we would have less respiratory deaths and illnesses and less pain and suffering. Blowing is a lazy man's thing or just trying to save time. I have banned my home owner's association yard service from blowing anything in to my home or driveway and I do this by sweeping the crap up before they can get their nasty noisy little leaf blowers to my property. They have already been served with warnings that they said they would abide by.

2. Azle Hill Beckner, Bowling Green, KY USA, , , The dust that is stirred by the leaf blowers trying to remove leaves and trash from streets and sidewalks in the park and around town, contains the lead that is left by cars that burn leaded gasoline. All of the gas has lead in it and it is spreading the lead all over the surface and in your homes. Banning lead from the gas and leaf blowers would be a big health change for better health



Sponsors of a 1999 bill to restrict cities and counties from banning leaf blowers

BILL ANALYSIS 1999 Supporters of this bill: Association of Latin American Gardeners [CO-SPONSOR]
CA Landscape Contractors Association [CO-SPONSOR]
Lawn and Garden Equipment Dealers Coalition [CO-SPONSOR]
Bliss Power Lawn Equipment Company
Enviroscape Sheridan Landscaping, Inc.

Opposition to this bill:
Cities of: Berkeley, Claremont, Culver City, Cupertino, Del Mar, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Merced, Palo Alto, Piedmont, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and Thousand Oaks. League of CA Cities Sierra Club Zero Air Pollution

Date of Hearing: May 12, 1999

1. Association of Latin American Gardeners
2. CA Landscape Contractors Association
3. Lawn and Garden Equipment Dealers Coalition
       These three sponsors got together and convinced the hired gardeners (peons) that they would lose their jobs if leaf blowers were banned. There was no one there to tell them the truth, so they bought into a huge lie for the sake of a few greedy business people. They didn't tell them that it would create jobs.

Another bill in 2002: created by Senator Polanco
1. Bliss Power Lawn Equip. Co.
2. California Landscape Contractors Association
3. Douglas Snyder Incorporated Landscape Development
4. J.H. O'Brien Landscaping and Maintenance
5. L&L Landscape Construction, Inc.
6. Madrone Landscapes
1. Berkeley Citizens for a Quieter Sacramento, 2. Claremont, 3. Culver City, 4.Cupertino, 5. Del Mar League of California Cities, 6. Manhattan Beach, 7. Merced, 8. Santa Barbara, 9. Santa Monica, 10. Stockton, 11. Thousand Oaks

Evil is like sand, it doesn't go away. They keep coming up with bills until one of them slips through. What kind of people do we have in this country?

A link to some zero tolerance cities. a sample of one ordinance.
Berkeley 13.40.070.B.14
". . . any portable machine powered with a gasoline engine used to blow . . ."

(NOTE) 13.Tampering. The removal or rendering inoperative, other than for purposes of maintenance, repair, or replacement, of any noise control device or element thereof, of any product required to meet specified noise emission limits under federal, state or local law, and the use of said product after its noise control device has been removed or rendered inoperative, other than for purposes of maintenance, repair or replacement

14.Notwithstanding Subsection B.11 of this section, it shall be unlawful for any person, including any City employee, to operate any portable machine powered with a gasoline engine used to blow leaves, dirt, and other debris off sidewalks, driveways, lawns or other surfaces within the City limits.

a. Notice of this prohibition shall be posted in all stores selling such gasoline powered machines within the City limits. (Ord. 6026-NS 1, 1990: Ord. 5500-NS 1 (part), 1982)

What is wrong with the rest of your intelligent city officials? You voted them in, why aren't they protecting you?


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  This nice lady in image #3 left her apartment to walk to the mailroom for her mail. How many particles do you think she filtered through her lungs passing through that cloud of dirt? How many particles do you pass through your lungs because of leaf blowers?