When I started this project, I was going to name it LOST TALENT because the Talent listed here is lost to most of the general public, but after pondering upon it, I felt that HIDDEN TALENT was more appropriate.

I have worked with and have known many of the top talents of the entertainment world. (See my Celebrity pages. ) Music and movies were in my life at a very early age. My baby sitter took me to the movies on Saturday mornings when I was five or six years old.

There was always music in our home. I started listening to records on a phonograph player that had to be cranked by hand. I listened to the radio broadcasts of that time; Vick and Sayd, Amos and Andy, Fibber Magee and Molly, The Kate Smith hour and many others.  Later, when we owned a radio with an automatic record player, I saved my money to buy records.

Most of my life has been spent working in and around some form of entertainment, from vaudevillians though comedians, singers, actors, musicians, songwriters and writers. I am telling you this because I believe it gives me some measure of credibility towards recognizing talent when I see or hear it.

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  With all I have just said I hope you will take time to check out the talent listed in these pages. Talent that I personally know and feel should be acknowledged and heard by the general public.

These wonderful, talented people perform from their hearts and souls, you can feel the vibrations. They also perform, play and sing the music they love, they don't play to appease those music executives, who only see the dollars signs.  Give them a chance - You will be rewarded with pleasing, entertaining and enjoyable sounds and performances.

These talents are available and capable to perform for your entertainment projects including the following: Broadway stage productions, film projects, corporate events, trade shows, winery events, benefits, gated community and senior center entertainment. Call for availability and rates at (949) 646-6076