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Leon Ware

From a CD Leon gave to me.

Met Leon Ware through Bob and Jackie Hilliard (Jacqueline Dalya)  (Bob and Jackie). They were living up in the hills of Hollywood. I  often visited them and usually stayed there when I was in Hollywood. Leon wrote some songs with Bob. Issac Hayes recorded one that Leon and Jackie wrote called "Rolling Sown the Mountain Side." One time when Jackie and I were in Las Vegas, we visited Isaac Hayes back stage where he was performing.

Leon and Bob  wrote a couple of songs for a movie that was to be called Comé La'more I that was never completed, however, a few years later, the song was put into a porn film called "Deep Throat." Two other songs they wrote were used without thme knowing about it. It was a big surprise for Leon and Jackie. More to come...............

A link to Leon's web site. There is some great music on it,; You will enjoy it.

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Bob and Jackie

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