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A tribute to  The Vagabonds
Sarah Vaughan: Singer
Dionne Warwick: Singer

Fumio Miyashita: Musician
Mary Wilson: of the Supremes
Tory Wynter:  Singer writer
Roy Alfred: Songwriter 
Bob Hilliard: Songwriter

Leon Ware: Songwriter, Singer, Composer.
Sammy Davis Jr.
Sydney Shaw: Songwriter
Frankie Laine Singer
The Grateful Dead: Band
Buck Owen's Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA
ACE - Search for Writers, Performers, Titles and publishers

Paula Samonte's CD:  Singer
The Lighthouse: Toronto's 13 piece rock group from the 60's

Ice Magazine:  
Sandler and Youngn
TEXAS IS WHERE I WANT TO BE:  A Bicentennial song written for Texas. This was recorded and produced by AAO Records in Los Angeles. The Governor of  Texas sent his thanks for the song. There is a Bicentenial "Happy Birthday USA" speech printed on the back of the sheet music. To find out more about this song please click here.
Unique Record Distributors: Unique is the leading wholesaler and distributor of dance music, specializing in UK, US and European vinyl.
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