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Texas is Where I Want To Be

Background vocal on both versions are by Judee Sill.
Version two
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A Bicentennial Song.
The next State Song?
Many people who have heard this song,
say it should be the new Texas State Song.
What do you think?

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This is a CD with two versions of the song
Texas Is Where I want To Be.
Below is a copy of the original sheet music.



A Bicentennial song written for the State of Texas. There was a record produced By AAO Records in Los Angeles. The Governor of  Texas sent his thanks for the song. There is a Bicentennial "Happy Birthday USA" speech printed on the back of the sheet music and on the "B" side of the record. To find out more about this song or to order a copy of the sheet music or the record, please click here.

There twp versions recorded, both versionss are on this CD. Background vocal on both versions are by Judee Sill. she was a fantastic lady. I will write her story soon and put a link to it from this page.