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 Kaye Masters

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Fumio Miyashita 

Located in Japan. He has many records and CDs. Fumio Passed away in January 2003 

 Searching for information about an etching: By John H. Millspaugh done in 1890.  
        Found information about the Vincent Van Gogh Sketch.

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  1. Valenzuela, Daniel -  - Ft.laud, fl, broward - 
    High school:  - College: bcc
           Hello,My name is KARLA O. I'm looking for an old boyfriend from spain. He graduated from west palm beach high school and went on to west palm beach college. His dad had a computer business. The most important detailed about this person is that he had a car accident when he was small and due to it his upper left eyebrown bone was broken and has a scare on his left upper eyebrown side. If someone knows
    him please email me. 
  2.  US Army Soldier about to deploy to Combat. I am Looking for my Birth Mother. I was born June 14, 1967 to Roberta G. Pappa and Wiliam A. Herzog in Oakland California. My Dad just died and I am looking for my birth mother.   PLEASE UPDATE MY CURRENT CONTACT INFO: PHONE NUMBER (480) 251-9877 OR (602) 524-3580 E-MAIL ADDRESS:
  3. 03/24/02 - O'Driscoll, Des  (Reverend) -   - UK  England
    I am trying to trace Treg Wilbur known to have lived in Idaho State in the 1970's but has since had no contact with his sister-in-law Judy who lives in Winnemucca NV. Judy needs Treg to confirm something so that she can make some progress in solving an impasse that she's in right now. She is not on the Internet. If you are out there Treg, please contact me and I shall mediate.
  4. Hodzic, Samira - -   
    I am looking for a person named Michael Henderson who is a journalist and lives in England, or maybe has moved.   Please write me if you know any information of him.  this is important.
  5. Tennyson, Derek- USA - This email address is not working.
     Hello, I'm trying to accumulate information about my Dad, Bill Tennyson who died in an auto accident in 1959 on LI's Cross Island Parkway.  Ho co-wrote "I Ain't Hurtin'", recorded by Sarah Vaughan as documented in 11/15/58 , "The Cash Box" industry newspaper.  Help!  thx...Derek
  6. 12/20/2001 Costello, Stephen - scostello@people.comt -   Canada
    Hi, I am trying to locate an old friend that I knew back in 1986. At the time we lived in Hong Kong. We we're best friends for 3 years and as it is with diplomatic brats you often move on and never keep in touch. his name is Owen Stevens and his fathers name is Nigel Stevens. his father may still be in Hong Kong, but the last I heard about Owen his was living in London England. That was about 14 years ago. I would really like to connect with him again and locate him.
    Thanks, Steve Costello.
  7. 10/31/01 
    BattlesDewayne.jpg (11049 bytes)
  8. ivan rasmussen - kimballton, iowa 
      My son Steve wants to find a friend and former de molay member who lived in  Orange,Calif. in 1988-90.  His name is Jeff Foster who worked for Delta Resources in Orange, Ca. Maybe still does?
  9. d
  10. Jude Johnson - Aberdeen, MD
    Seeking Erik J. Myers I've been searching for him for about
    10yrs and recently saw him in our local mall but that's about as far as I got. I know he is currently employed w/an electrical contractor McGlothlin and Benham in Rising Sun, Maryland. He may be living in that area but I'm not sure of that fact.Although, I think he may be living in the Aberdeen, MD. Anyone have any info regarding Erik Myers?
  11. Mccollum, Joan St. Louis, MO
    My name is Joan Mccollum and I am searching for classmates of my father Robert D. Mccollum. He graduated from Ken High in the 1930's. My father passed away ten years ago when I was 20. I have never met any of my fathers relatives. I know he had two sisters named Ruth and Helen and a brother named James. I've always been interested in knowing about my father's life growing up in Lower Burrell. If there anyone that could help me, I would very much appreciate it. My email address is          
  12. Mystery - Lida Caljouw-Iwanowska 031118472360 Spaarnestraat 8 - Oost-Souburg , Zeeland 4388 TK Holland
     I am looking for my friend . His full name is Piotr Mojsiej , date off birth 17-10-1959. He moved from Poland to Australia (Portland) 14 years ago. Also his parents really like to have contact with him.
  13. Mystery - natalie (McDaniel) Arledge - (903)938-1875 - 405 mark dr, Marshall, Texas 75672
    I have been trying to locate two gransons I have lost track of for the last 5 years.Jason Wayne Terry,last known to have lived in Austin,Texas. Also Richard Liegh Morgan last known to be in Tomball.Tx. Please contact yur Grandmother.I love you and need to hear from you.
  14. Searching for information and stories for a book about the Vagabonds.
  15. Sandra Bender +401795015483 Mollstr. 6 Mannheim, Ba.-Wü. Germany
    I search the half-sister of my mother-in-law. Her name ist Brunhilde Clark, her last adress was 2404 Michigan Avenue, Apt.23, Ashtabula Ohio 44004. Please help me to find her!!!
  16. Teri Murray 847-491-3564 1030 Dewey Avenue Evanston, IL 60202
           Seeking the whereabouts of Betsy Drake Grant, ex-wife of Cary Grant.
  17. Pamela DiGesare 7168760434 198 Knowlton Avenue Kenmore, NY 
    I am looking for Veronica Ward...last seen in Miramar, Florida on Feb. 1, 1969 at Broward County Hospital..
  18. Saundra [Detman] Janssen -   - Sharon, , CT 06069 
    Anyone out there know how I might contact Diane Williams, Karen Kolsar we were all SHS class of 1962
  19. Don Brown - - upper marlboro -  Class of "72".
    enjoyed small town living,miss it. does any one know where Jim Manning is?
  20. Carolyn Tady - - Springdale, PA 
    I'm looking for two friends- actually, I'd like to find many of my classmates from the primary years!  Does anyone know where Bill McDermott is hiding these days or Robert John Eichler?  Both would be class of '76.  Thanks!
  21. Danielle"Dani"(Close)Petramale-Orsino My mom and dad want to know if anyone knows where the Tomer family (Dave,Jeff,Kelly and mom Judy) is..and Peggy Lellis.Please e-mail me w/ info on any of these people.Thanks Dani
  22. Joann (Funkhouser) Grieco Allison Park, PA 15101-3431 USA
    Class of '80, we're looking for YOU!  If anyone knows the whereabouts of our classmates, please LET US KNOW!  You can e-mail me with information.  Thanks!
  23. Elaine (Watson) Sacauskas  IL - USA
    Anyone know Roberta Sherman or where she's at. I also lost contact with Shirley Taylor. Class of 63. What a great idea about this reunion I would love to attend.
  24. John Page  Looking for Dennis Hajnik from the class of 1971.  Last I heard he was in Philadelphia Pa. I believe he is working as a scientist
  25. Actor Search - Name: Dixie Krueger - E-mail:
    Need mailing address of Steve Forrest, actor (brother of Dana Andrews).
  26. SGI   Bo 46-08-872256 Härjedalsgatan 6 Vällingby, Sweden 162 66 Sweden
      Hi. I am Bo Siljerstrom from Sweden and I am trying to locate an old friend of mine in San Diego. I am trying to find Ray Coronado as is living in San Diego and last time I met him was 1995. That year he was frequently by your place at SGI, San Diego. If I remember right I think it was somewhere close to El Cajon blvd.
        Anyway if someone of you got some sparetime and recognize Ray Coronado I would appreciate very much if you will let him know that I am searching him. And if so that you find him I would be very happy if you send regards to him from Bo, Susanne and our son Oscar in Sweden. Also let him know that all is fine over here as well as I wish all of you at SGI all well and also a nice summer. Thanks in advance.
    Sincerely yours -Bo Siljerstrom - (Stockholm Sweden)  
  27. lynette  Decatur, ga 30032
           I am looking for a James Byrd who lives in Liberty county, GA and he should be graduating from Fort Valley State Univ, which is located in fort valley, Ga.  He is a Senior and business manager there. There are too many James byrds, i need someone with better refined search tips.  he is 23 going on 24..
  28. Annabel Lochead Vista de Riviera 6, Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa, Malaga 29649 Spain
           I am looking for a friend of my mother's from school. Her full name is Joanna Albertina Maria Theresa WASIUTYNSKA. She moved to England from Poland during the Second World War.
  29. Anne Streger Plainview, Texas
     I am trying to locate the actress Louise Latham.  She was a supporting actress in many movies, and appeared quite frequently on the TV series "Gunsmoke".  Her great-grandmother and my great-grandmother were sisters.  I have several of her baby pictures, and an invitation to her parent's wedding in Bonham, Texas.  My great-grandmother's name was Fay Allen Brownlee.  Thank you for your help.
  30. Fumio Miyashita - Gujisan advised Fumio to reside at Lizuna Mountain in Nagano Prefecture, coincidentally Fumio's hometown and birthplace. Fumio took the high priest's advice to return to Japan after residing in the United States. In his Nagano recording studio, Fumio continues his passion for creating peaceful music that touches people on an international level. Fumio composed the Olympic theme song which the city of Nagano presented in its successful bid to host the 1998 Winter Olympics. Fumio Passed away in Jan 2002.
  31. Hardy, Janicr - Hu Bch, Ca. 92648, USA
    I know a man named Duane Heppner, he is a very sucessful contractor, and excellent local surfer. Extremely experienced at both, you can tell by his work. But that is not the work he would want to be remembered for! He had taught hundreds of people over the last 30 years, on how to become aware of the endless possibilties they can experience beyond these limited realms. He does this without thought of reward nor praise of any kind, he does it simply as a service for anyone who is ready to know what fun possibilties exist for them. I any many will never be able to thank him enough for his selflesness and patience with all of us that need a push every now and then to remember what is truly real and of value here. Thanks Hueman Janice :)
  32. Braxton , Bree - - NH 03253 USA
        I am looking for my biological mother named Diana Marie Berzman if anyone can help I would appreciate it.
  33. farah, walter - - Costa Rica
         I need contact whith Kimberly Eades...
  34. Godfrey, Michelle - , TX, USA - 
       looking 4 my mum in southern england-Karen, 3 kids laura, suzanne, robyn.
  35. simon, sue - Class of ???
     i am searching for a mrs. katherine george she was 38 years old in 1966 ,please e-mail me if u know her or her children ty !!
  36. Mc Millin, Les - , Wa, USA - High school: Coolidge High School, Az.
           My brother was reported to  be in a fatal small plane crash just south of the Alaskan border, into Canada, and in a hospital in Canada, where is he?  Please help me find him.
  37. Clay, Jennifer -
    Savannah, Tn, USA - 
      I am looking for my birth parents. I was born on November 8, 1967. in San Diego California, at Sharps  Memorial Hospital. I have been looking for a very long time, and if there is anyone who knows something, please, e-mail or write me at P.O. box 1084, savannah, TN, 38372. My name is Jennifer Clay, Maiden name Axelrod, and my birth name was baby girl Crader. Thanks, for anyones help!   Jennifer Clay - Submitted 03/22/2003
  38.  marquez, nina -
    big spring, tx, united states - 
    please help find my sister amanda l. sciretta in lubbock(age24or25). i can not find address or phone# to her, please help find her for me . i have been looking for 8 months to find,call, and see my sister again. if you find anything out let me know at my home phone:432-263-0030 or at e-mail it concerns family emergency,my name is nina.
  39. George, Tina - E-mail address not valid:
    Sydney, NSW, Australia - 
    High school:  - College:
    Matt Plush - where are you. Looking for Matt, he was an excellent athlete, skier  & big wave surfer(hope this wasn't his  undoing). Lived in Sydney in early 70's and could be anywhere in world at present. Approx 44yo. Please contact me!
  40. Svengard, Ben -
    Uppsala, , Sweden - 
       I am searching for a girl names Lisa A Fjellström from Sweden.  If anyone has her telephone number or e-mail address or street address I would be very grateful.  The last time I had news she was studying in Stockholm, Sweden.  She is a musician and studies languages.  She is 27 years-old.
  41. Lai, Lisa - Toronto, , Canada - 
           I'm looking for Karla MacDaniel who was my neighbor from December 1994 to June 1995 in St. Louis, Missouri. I have lost contact with her two years after I moved to Taipei, Taiwan.  I really like to know how she, her husband, Jeff and the kids are. Anyone who knows about Karla's contact information?  Please let me know.  Thx a million!
  42. groen, jeff - inknown
    San Pedro de Alcantara, Málaga, Spain, ,  -
    Please, I´d very much like to contact with an old good friend, whom I met in Madrid in 1982, he was studying Spanish, I still remember that his father used to be a teacher at Marshall University, we lost contact by 1984. If someone happens to have any information which might lead me to get in touch with him I´ll be very grateful,.-Thanks
  43. white, toni -
    fortwayne, IN, United States - 
    (Helping sister search) Baby Girl, born February 11, 1971.  I am looking helping my sister look for her birth mom and any birth family. She was born in Sawinaw, MI.  The adoption was through Catholic Family Services.  She was named Baby girl at hospital.  We think her BM was Caucasion and her Birth father was Hispanic. Please contact if this information sounds familiar. 
  44. Greis, Marilyn -
    High school: North Bergen High 
    Looking for a cousin of Marilyn Greis of North Bergen,N.J.  Very Important
  45. McGhee, Chanda - Central City, KY - High school: Central City High School 
      Searching for NIKLAS AHNELOV, 32 years old, from Stockholm, Sweden.  He was a foreign exchange student at Louisville Southern High School in Louisville, KY., in 1988-89.  I met him on a Florida Spring Break vacation and kept in touch with him throughout the year.  Would love to be in contact with him if anyone can relay email address to him or let him know that I am looking for him.  I hope he remembers me.
  46. de Vautibault, Ysabelle -
    Ahousaht, BC, Canada - 
    I, Ysabelle mother of Ehouarn Pyton 23 years old, did not had any informations or news from him since February 2003. Thank you for your help. I just know that he was
    working in Fort Mc Murray, and that he had to take
    some kind for courses in order to work. sincerly
  47. Thomas, Anamarie -
    Lewisville, Texas, U.S. -
    High school: D.W. Carter - College: None
    I was born in Frankfurt, W. Germany on 12/12/58 to Maria Anna Dohrn.  My birth mother resided at 32-36 Scheidswaldstrasse in Frankfurt.  My Christian name was Karin Dohrn up until my adoption in 1962.  My name was then changed to Anamarie Thomas.  I have my birth Cert. and adoption records.  I appreciate your help in locating my birth mother. Thank you.
  48. Love, Patricia -
      Several email correspondence have lost contact with an elderly friend, whose mailbox is rejecting mail as "full."  We are concerned about and want to know if he's all right.  Please respond by email if you have knowledge of his well-being
  49.  Greer, KD - - Jacksonville, NB, Canada - 
     I am looking for person whose mother is Elizabeth with red hair and was with my father Ernest and would have been born in 1968 or 1969.  My father left my mother and took my sister Kim to live with Elizabeth who was pregnant at the time with I believe is my father's child..
  50. Powell, Beverly -
    Kilauea, HI, USA - 
    High school:  - College:
    I am looking for an old friend,Michael Robert Clark who visited Oahu in 1968 just before he was drafted. Last seen in Santa Cruz, CA in 1972. If you have any information, please e-mail me. Thanks
  51. phelan, edward john - unknown
    toronto, ontario, canada -
    High school:  - College:
    ex-commando world war two, last heard of in 1960's south of London
  52. slater, brian -
    timmons, ontario, canada - 
    High school:  - College:
      Gary Roy Condo. Born December 6th 1961. Timmons Ontario General Hospital. Can't find his birth mother. Native decent.
  53. *NOTE : The following Email address is not valid. These letters are not corrected or edited by the Webmaster. This letter will be removed in ten days 05/07/04
    fobert, charles - 
    elkhart, in   formaly  detroit mich., in, elkhart - 
    High school: lantz cruse      mt.clemens mi. - College:
      im looking for former resadents  from the wayne county training school/ northvile mich. i was there from 1953 till 1960/61. or ebven former employees. please contact me at  email add.or put in browser. and reoly there to charlie// aka haskelo1
    thank you. anyone with any info regarding the wcts or wccdc, would be of great help.use a fake name if ya like till we meet on the web.
    thank you.
  54.  Sorensen, Todd -
           I am looking for a man by the name of Isau Ida San in Nagano Japan. He owned a suit shop downtown in the city. He was Married to Ida Kiyoko San and she died in September of 1987. I need to find him so I can get some information on his family for the LDS church. Any info someone can give me an address or phone number would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,
  55. Denome, Tina -
     I am searching for a man named Kenneth Eugene Oliver. I have been searching for app. 30 years with absolutly no luck. please help me. He was born in June of 33. If you know this man please contact me at Thank You
  56.  Payne, April -
           I am 16-yrs-old and I am trying to find my birth mother. She is in between the ages of 35-37. I was adopted at birth & have wonderful parents;I just need to know who my birth mom is,what she looks like, and if i have an brothers/sisters. My name listed in the hospital was Baby Girl Finney. My birth mom's maiden-name was Molly M. Finney. I was born at Baptist East Memorial Hospital in Memphis,TN. My e-mail add. is if you have any info. Thanks, April.
  57.  barker, diana -
    bob white, wva, usa - 
    High school: myron t herrick - College:
    i am looking for roberta ramsey she and i went to school together at myron t herrick she would be some where in the ohio area she was at one time married to jimmie griffith and they lived in cleveland ohio she would be around 43 years old of you know where she is please let me know i would love to see her once again she still is my best friend
  58. Anna -
    , Ont, canada - 
        Cerco un ragazzo del passato nome Espedito ,abitava a Soverato  forse trasferito in Germania. Spero che qualcuno mi rispondi con qualche informazione.
    Mille grazie. 
      I been try to locate a person from the past, he lived in Soverato maybe now relocated in Germany his name is Espedito.  I greatelly appreciate a if anyone knows and responds.
     Thanks a billion
  59.  cook, maryann -
     looking for michael akabusi, england (i believe he is a lawyer),   and a robert smith who is an employee @ midland bank in london. please send me any info
  60.  Jackson, Forrest - forjck@Stop
    Cartersville, GA, USA - 
     I am looking for my ex-wife:  June E. Jackson nee: Burman.  She was born in Hastings, England.  Last known address:  Knighton's Lane, Dunsfold, NR Godalming, Surrey, Eng.  Living with parents:  Jack and Gladis Burman.
  61. peterson, ben -
      looking for Ben and Dodie Peterson? They use to live in the Detroit area in Michigan. 
  62.   *

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