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The Day Germany invaded Poland
September 1, 1939

Although the beginning was much earlier, September 1st 1939 marked the beginning of a world conflagration that would destroy the lives of millions of innocent human beings.
         These photos were taken in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, eighteen miles up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh.  We were standing in the yard, looking at this strange reddish sky.  I felt some strange event had turned the sky blood red and that terrible things were going to happen. Little did I know.
      My Dad was filming it with a 16mm movie camera. We lived at the end of a dead-end street, it was strange to hear a news boy shouting "EXTRA! EXTRA! When he neared us he shouted, "EXTRA! Germany invades Poland! EXTRA!" I would be ten years old on the thirteenth of September.
        Let us never forget those terrible years, and let us be alert to the signs that signal this kind of insanity. When we see those signs, we must act, not wait for it to happen, as they did in those early years. Our freedom is precious, don't let it be taken from us.